Thursday, January 14, 2010

Artistic Spotlight: SPRFKR

A recent discovery of mine via my best good friend G-Money, the artist known as "SuperFucker" (tastefully abbreviated without vowels like an old Hebrew text) is something akin to classy pornographic sexploitation and gratuitous grindhouse gorefests.

Combining technical styles heavily borrowed from east-Asian art, while depicting subjects of a/from a desensitized mind, SPRFKR has crafted a muse made from snakes, blood, and tits to be something actually... beautiful.

Allow me to present a small selection of various pieces from this talented artist.

Gorgeous, scantily-clad women in sexually-compromising positions with snakes is a motif of his work. Similar to Lilith (1892), by John Collier.

This piece is like Heavy Metal meets Hipster girls. The square-rimmed glasses give it away. All of his work seems to be male-centered, judging from the compositions' depictions of the women -- or at least, only likely to be enjoyed by a predominantly male-audience. Not that I mind, being a hot-blooded guy myself.

When I first saw this piece, I was instantly reminded of Naota from FLCL, even though the face is clearly a woman. The basic structural similarity is akin to the original manga, and all the better for that random closeness.

Speaking of Fooly Cooly, here's a robotic representation that looks damned like Canti. Positioned between two cut-off shots of graffiti splashes, the hands joined together in prayer, form clothed in robe, makes the whole thing seem futuristic and religious. A strange juxtaposition of science and superstition that invokes those dichotomous blends Saboteur Academia loves so much.

This piece done on the back off a brown-envelope has got to the most impressive thing I've seen short of the man's larger pieces. Just the fact that SPRFKR can put something as well-drawn as this on such a disposable, common canvas shows talent, courage, and most importantly... damn stylish arrogance. As if the artists is subtly saying, "I don't need to frame this. I can just do it again."

The progression of colors here is really impressive. I like how the building is utilized as canvas, subject, and background. The architecture even comes into play, as the blocky-structure makes the flowing lines seem more vibrant, and the placement of it in some random building backside as all the more an undiscovered, vibrant artistic treasure.

The lack of details but overabundance of color-shapes make this piece seem like it's dripping. (Which, in a sense, it is.) The flowery flourishes are something I've seen in lots of southern-California art, instantly placing SPRFKR in a regional context, but not limiting him, since he doesn't overuse the technique to cliche.

The totemic-positioning of the different parts on this work reminds me of Athena sprouting from the brain of Zeus, only it seems strange that the part that would be like "leaves" to the "tree" is below it... Maybe the red-color makes them into blood/soil? Not sure. I like the technical-skill of this one the most. It's sharp and intricate. Two difficult things to master, but always worth it.

Another woman. This time the pose is even more rsique, and if the flowing lines near the lady's vagina is any indication, she's also on her period. The crimson tide isn't red but black, and the pussy is fruity deep-pink. Overall, the interplay of black and pink is itself an interesting take when used with the other elements. I think it's beautiful how he managed to make even vaginal bleeding a worthy artistic subject.

More women. Err... woman. Red, white and black. Whether talking the Third Reich, The White Stripes, MCR, or any other myriad reference, these colors are some of the strongest man can employ in artistic symbolism. The trifecta of color-palettes.

Woman with a snake. Notice how sensual/sexual/seductive SPRFKR makes these pieces. The strange phallus of a legless reptile, and the naked sultry of a woman. It's almost sexploitational without being pornographic.

This poster is tastefully intricate. The red design covering the woman's breasts but not concealing them. The elongated lines of her hair-strands, both individual and collective are hypnotic and elegant.

The sheer artistry that went into designing this snake seems impossibly difficult. The belly, the scales, the whole shebang! Amazing! And the blood splatter, while obscuring is interesting, and powerful.

This piece is definitely danse & macabre (but not danse macabre). The blood running down the girl's legs could be from a first period, which is a powerful sign of femininity and virginity, which when exposed like this, seems almost like rape... As if by watching, we the audience are culpable for this lost innocence amongst roses, thorns, and skull-mask.

SPRFKR is good at nothing else, if not drawing women. Another red, white, black combination that invokes more female vulnerability without necessarily conveying weakness. The hat is a nice touch too.

This poster invokes an image of bloody, rocker-hippies. Flowers surrounded by scripts in blood. Peace bound by violence. The woman's gaze in profile is extremely powerful, with shadowed eyes, and slightly opened mouth.

Cartoonish. Well-constructed. Not a particularly "thought-provoking" piece, but enjoyable to look at. The monster reminds me of those Graboids from Tremors. The figure on horseback in the corner could be the Headless Horseman, or maybe even one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The symbolism of a castle on a hipster's shoulders is provocative. Are the thoughts guarded? Is there a princess to rescue, or dragon to slay? The bizarre is enough to evoke an interest, if nothing else. Above all, you must respect how intricate SPRFKR makes his work, and how well he executes that intricacy, no matter the subject.

This piece is some trippy shit... Bio-mechanical-demonic lustful violence. The whole mix of explosions and detailed bodies makes for a wonderful juxtaposition. I really like this for the pseudo-realism. If this could really exist, I'm sure it would look like how he pictured it.

This work is probably the most "artistic", the most formally symbolic and normally respectable. The woman, showing off her thighs with a candy held in hand nearby. But the setting: park-bench, grass, animals around her, make it seem like a violation of the "good old days" of feminine virtue. The candy itself represents what waits between those closed legs, and the trick of the wrists seem to hint that she may open, maybe give us a glimpse...

Overall, SPRFKR is definitely among my new favorite artists, and I hope ya'll check out more of his work here: [SuperFucker]


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It's like art nouveau meets....rob zombie?

I'm intrigued.