Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alma Desnuda / Naked Soul

Holy smokes, saboteurs! It's a review.

At the open-mic this past Friday, a sweet little four-piece dropped by like fresh pancakes, and their sound was definitely syrup.

Alma Desnuda. Or, the Naked Soul, for you monolinguals. They play an eccentric folk-funk that can only be the product of eclectic minds locked in a room with no power for days. Starving, they then create the music that is to be their escape. Seriously, when they started on that first chord in the Cafe International it felt like the Pied-Piper of Hamelin had dropped out of the sky... in spades. The entire audience was intoxicated -- more so than usual, that is -- when their subtle acoustic grooves led your spine to shaking slow as any good wave.

The lead singer, Chris Bryden, invokes both Jason Mraz and Cake's John McCrea, mixing lyrics with conversation. It feels as if you're being sung a question with an answer the music provides. Meanwhile, lead guitarist Paul Suhr lingers around the edges, filling the empty spaces with little touches of riffs and vocal support that are like mortar in the cracks of a beautifully old wall. Then, there's the bassist, Tony Glaser, who swaggers around his upright like a leafy tree sashaying in the breeze -- his hair has got to be an eye catcher at any live-performance with his crazy infectious enthusiasm. Finally, drummer/percussionist Joe Glaser mixes a myriad of beats and instruments to create the perfect vibrational flow. You couldn't ask for a better combination with these four musician-maestros.

I highly recommend you check them out. Links are provided in the brackets:

[Alma Desnuda dot com]

[Alma Desnuda Myspace]

Also, their new album "Middleway" is on iTunes, and definitely worth purchasing if you've got the discretionary income to spend.

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