Friday, January 29, 2010

"All my songs are Love songs"

the music painted soul is acoustically beautiful
hums deep like a half-remembered melody
vibrating at the bottom of their throat
almost forgotten
almost swallowed
and yet, there echoes are established
bouncing from esophagus wall to nasal passage
around about the whole apparatus of sound
leaving only a note of a chord of this song...

sing along.

2 footnotes:

Yoel Engel said...

I just wrote a song about love for my girlfriend and I thought I would find lyrics on your blog so that I can compare my song :P but anyhoo... you're blog is wayy nicer than mine that's for sure! If you have the extra 3 minutes to listen to the song I wrote that's on youtube, click here A Song About Love and dont forget to rate and comment the song! :) thanx SOOOOOO much! :D

Zek J Evets said...

@yoel: hey, just listened to the song and left a comment. good stuff, dude.

thanks for stopping by and commenting! feel free to drop by and steal anything you might find inspirational material, haha. that's what all the greats do, at least.