Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Writer as Character

Frequently when writing of/about/from personal experience, people tend to assume that they are the subjects of my stories. They find coincidence and naturally assume it must be directed at them. There seems to be a unique kind of arrogance in a person who can read the words of another and think, "Is he talking about me?"

Let me elucidate the unique characteristics of most writers.

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All writers are liars. All writers are theives. All writers are hermits. All writers write about themselves.

As a preface for my upcoming bout of fictionalized accounts from the depths of my personal-life, think not that what you read is real, but rather what you read is representational for the greater zeitgeist of humanity. The metaphor is allegorically contained within real events creatively reinspired via artistic persuasion. That is to say...

I'm just fucking with you.

So, please, as you continue enjoying the fruits of my blogtree, keep in mind that these things are illusionary. A mirage is more realistic than my stories, being created from something that exists - unlike my stories, which come from the dangerously complicated mess of my own head.


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