Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Important Things To Do

I don't appreciate my education.

But the rhythms of my life are measured by it.

School schedules are the boundaries of work schedules, semesters are the silhouettes to vacations, and the perimeter of my life is the college campus.

I am partially defined by my student-status. Who I am is an amateur academic; an acateur.

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However, I don't like it. I don't feel that I learn anything in college that I couldn't learn elsewhere, faster, cheaper, easier, and find it more useful. What do I need to know how to analyze Virginia Woolf? What is the point of knowing whether the Earth is 4.5 or 4.8 BILLION years old? (I still know it's fucking over-the-hill.) Why is it that the knowledge I get is useless? Why is the knowledge I want not necessary to accreditation?

The degree. The goddamn degree. It's all about that piece of paper I'll probably wipe my ass with when I'm done that propels me to this beginning-to-seem foolish course of action. I waste myself to get an education, and all I feel that I'm learning is how to bullshit. Seriously! I spend more time making it up as I go along than I do genuinely preparing myself for a future that won't make a difference if I can't pay for it.

When I finish college, will I look back and ask myself, "well, what did I learn?" Will I question the intelligence of scholastic dreams in the vaunted halls of a university? Will there be any nostalgia for these halcyon days? When I'm finally graduated, will I feel accomplished and proud of myself? More than likely, I'll wonder how the hell I got here.

There are so many more important things to do than to spend my days in a classroom learning about nothing from professors who can't teach from a university that is broke in a world that is fast-moving past me out the window. And here I am, still listening. Still grade-grubbing like A's matter. Still source-list formatting like one size fits all. Still reading till my eyes fall out onto the page and stare back at me. Still apathetic and tired. Still waiting to finish and get on with my life... but I thought it officially started when I got out of high school? Apparently not. Apparently it's still waiting for me to get off my ass and move.

But where will I go? Answer: anywhere that I want.

Until then however, I've still gotta finish this homework.


Here's what I do in class when I should be paying attention.


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isityouorme? said...

lol @ the drawings. I do the same thing. one of my drawing is on the front of my binder. school is lame and I can't wait to be done, hopefully by the end of the year.

Lex said...

Nice drawings. I can't wait for school to be over as well, but some of the stuff I've learned at this shithole I actually use at work.