Sunday, October 25, 2009

Come See Me

Hey guys! So, today I'm doing a little cross-self-promotion here, by informing you of my upcoming show on Sunday the 1st of November.

I'll be playing at the Gestalt Haus, which is unfortunately one of THE MOST hipstery places on the face of San Francisco. Shame upon my house and yet... so it goes.

The line-up is Lizzie Karr, a close personal friend of mine who is an amazing singer-songwriter; Tyler Gordon with his band Coexist, who are pretty frickin sweet; Bob Pierce, who is some guy that I've never met or heard of - but I'm sure he'll be good!; Dan Eagan, the promoter who organized this whole showcase; and of course, myself, your lovely blog-host with the most, Zek J Evets, AKA Steve Tow, AKA Sexy Stevie & His Saxophone, AKA The Jew, AKA Cosmonaut, AKA... ahhh fuck it, just come see the show.

I'll be playing an eclectic mix of Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Middle-Eastern tunes for ya'll, backed by a self-mixed soundtrack of Hip-Hop beats and pianoesque flourishes. Expect to hear my horn scream like a dying hooker in the street at the dead of night as some hobo wields his shanker in the flickering lamp-light. Which is actually supposed to be a good thing, in this case.

No, but seriously, come out and hear some good tunes. The show starts at 7-7:30 (PM). Gestalt Haus is located at 3159 16th St., between Valencia & Guerrero in The Mission. They've got beer and sausage. So, I mean, what else do you need to have an awesome after-Halloween bash?

See ya in the city!


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Anonymous said...

A fellow bando! *swoon*

Lol, seriously, good luck with your gig. You should get someone to tape it and put it up for those of us stuck in Nowheresville (can you tell I've gone back to school?)

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: haha, yes, i was in band. a long time ago, it seems now. did you really just swoon? i've never actually seen anyone swoon before. wonder what it looks like...

thanks for the luck! i would get someone to tape it, except i don't have the equipments for that. (my laptop is not so premium at live-recordings - unless they're vlog stuff.)

is nowheresville near loserton? because that's my life right now. broke ass student trying to make it through the next month, haha.

good luck with you're schooling too, by the by.

Anonymous said...

Well I tried to do a sexy glide out of my chair to the floor, but my ankles just got tangled in my laptop cord. :-P

Lol, let's not talk about being broke--it just makes me think of the sad state of my student account...the job I get after graduating better be worth it!

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: hah! classy =)

we'll skip the brokeness and just go right into guilting you for not being able to come to my show.

Anonymous said...

Lol, well if you can just loan (meaning give) me a plane ticket/dune buggy/ricksaw, I'll be happy to come. Lol, would that make me an official groupie? :-)

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: uhhhh... rickshaw? okay!

official groupie? well, considering your opinions about pre-marital sex, i don't think you'd be really down for that. (or would you??? haha.)

instead i'd call you my official fan-girl, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, official I get a badge?

Lol, how do you know my thoughts on pre-marital sex? I told you to stop going through my trash. :-P

No lie, I told my friend (who studied abroad all last year in Japan) that I want to ride in a rickshaw at least once in my lifetime--especially if it's pulled by some hot shirtless man.

Potentially stupid question alert: Who is this Steve character? One of your multiple personalities?

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: ummm, no. sorry, but unfortunately due to my limited-funds I can only appropriate a gold-star sticker. while that do? actually, as my official fan-girl, there is a fee. for joining, you see. (it costs around a college semester's tuition - or whatever you have in your pockets.)

i know your thoughts because i poked around your blog after you made some wildly unsubstantiated claims about the male-gender ;)

rickshaw drivers are usually really unhealthy people actually. apparently it's a hard job, especially in third-world countries where it's so common. buuut that's kinda off-topic. the rickshaws here are just for tourists. so i guess you could probably ride one. as long as you're not some sumo-wrestler, or need a fork-lift to get out of bed, because then that'd be just cruel!

as to your question: steve is just some douchebag who i talk about sometimes. he's really a nice guy, but sometimes i just want to punch him in the face. (oh p.s. he's me. steve is my name, but i prefer to go by my pseudonym on the internets.)

do you really speak fluent spanish? so, if i said, "que es eso aplaste tu tiene para mi? debe envia un foto asi que veo tu. no me gusta estos caracteres chino."

you'd know what i mean?

(my spanish is actually crap. but if i have like, twenty minutes beforehand to think of something, i can make a decent statement.)

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'll pass on the gold star. As for what's in my pockets, do you like candy-flavored lip gloss?

I think I remember writing something about sex and my best friend being a whore (but don't tell him I said it!). I dont think pm-sex is bad, but I just think you should be exclusive about who you give it to. I'm more against people hooking up with whomever then complaining when the other person doesn't want to commit, because all I can think is, "Well, duh." But I digress.

Poor Steve--don't punch him in the face! Now I want to ask how you came up with your pseudonym, but maybe if I poke around I can find out. (I read your first post, but no dice.)

Sí soy bilingüe. Por eso, lo que quieres decirme es: ¿Qué es ese dibujo con tu nombre? (What are you trying to say with the word "aplaste"?) Por favor, envíame una foto para que te vea. No me gustan esos carácteres chinos.

Y te voy a responder: Pues, es mi nombre en chino, pero he pensado en cambiarlo, porque ya no los quiero. Mejor una foto, creo.

Lol, I don´t think your Spanish is that bad, especially if you aren't currently studying it. (I tutor for the athletic department, so trust me, I've seen bad.:-P) I also speak some Japanese, but not very well.

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: i'll pass on the candy-flavored lip-gloss. wouldn't go with my outfits, i think... haha.

yes, that was the post i read. i'm not sure if casual-sex is the sole reason for why most girls don't end up committing... or most guys. but that's just me, trying to justify my own sluttiness, hah.

the pseudonym does have it's own post, but i'll let you poke around. it's more fun that way.

wowzers! yeah, your spanish is way better than mine. i was trying to use aplaste to mean "crush". anyhoo, si consiga un nueva foto pronto. tu mira mejor que palabras.

japanese must be difficult. i can only count to eight in it, and know some basic commands. but i did have a classmate in high school who learned perfect japanese by watching anime.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I was confused because "aplaste" is not a word.:-)

There's really no equivalent for "crush" in Spanish, but you could use the word "interés", I guess. Haha, I can understand your first sentence, but I have no idea what you are trying to say here: tu mira mejor que palabras. Are you trying to say some variation of "Looks are better than words?"

What happened to 9 and 10? :-P

Writing is Japanese is somewhat difficult, but I would say it's grammatically easier than English, because there are only 2 tenses, past and non-past. I'm not a fan of anime, but to each his own lol.

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: uhh, aplaste is totally a word! well, it's latin-american slang, but still... it counts. it means like "to crush" but also to "have a crush". it kinda depends on the context, and i'm not sure everyone uses it the same way. but in orange county, aplaste means a crush.

the second part is me saying: you look better than words.

oy vey... this is why i suck at spanish, because you can't understand anyone because spanish should really be divided up based on regional dialect. i can understand southern californian spanish pretty well, and spanglish too. but like, castilian or proper spanish, forget about it.

9 & 10 weren't really used when i trained in aikido. we only did reps of eight for everything. then repeated if we needed more numbers. i'm not sure why.

only past and non-past??? does that means japanese have no linguistic concept of the future? hmm... i'll have to think about that.

i like anime, but not all anime is good. most anime is actually kinda shitty. you have to look around, just like with most stuff i suppose.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I know the literal meaning of aplastar, which made me think of jumping on you or something. I'm not surprised I've never heard it; I really don't like Spanglish (for some reason it's more difficult for me to understand), and I definitely don't know any West Coast hispanohablantes. Now that the gap in communication has been fixed, was that a literal question or a rhetorical one? :-)

Bueno, ¿te parezco más guapa que los carácteres? ¿O sólo es que los carácteres son feos? Pues, si es el primero, sigue echándome flores, por favor. ;-)

I agree that Spanish is so varied, it's like a bunch of mini-languages. I can understand Mexican Spanish and Castilian great, but I struggle in conversations with Cubans and Puerto Ricans (the DR accent is hard too). Once people start using regional slang, I'm done (hence, "un aplaste").

Well, so you know 9 is "kyuu" (pronounced like the letter "q"), and 10 is "juu" (like "jew"). You use the same endings to talk about the future that you do to talk about the present, so future sentences need some kind of clause like "Tomorrow..."

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: it was most DEFINITELY a rhetorical question, but seriously meant: tu qiuere aplastar en mi? haha ;)

no, serio, tu es manera mejor mirando que los caracteres. pero desafortunadamente soy todo fuera de flores. querria usted mi numero de telefono? haha, bromeando.

geebus! all this spanish is making my head hurt. i can't translate anymore. whew!

thanks for those last two numbers! now i can count to ten - in japanese - like a pro. linguistics are interesting, but not my speciality. i only learn things for giggles.

must be weird to have three different languages floating around in your head. have you ever had problems with slipping into all three at once during a conversation?

Anonymous said...

Lol, yes let's stick with English, because I am having a hard time detangling your sentences! I'm sure it would be easier if I were actually hearing you speak, but written errors are harder to figure out. One last translation question, what's this?: tu es manera mejor mirando que los caracteres. I'm better looking than the characters? :-)

I hope you understood what "echando flores"'s sorta like giving compliments, not literal flowers haha. Sólo aceptaré tu número de teléfono si tienes Cingular o mensajes de texto, puesto que es gratis y somos pobres. ;-)

Now you can wow your aikido partners with your mad skillz in Japanese. In retrospect, I think maybe I should've gone to a school that offered linguistics as a major, but I'm thinking about getting more into that in grad school (though my ultimate goal is to be a Spanish prof). I'm debating whether I should tackle Portuguese or Italian next...I'm nowhere near fluent in Japanese, but I think I can pick up another romance language pretty easily.

Lol, actually, I did mangle languages once during a Japanese oral exam (though I don't think my sensei really noticed). It happens mostly with English and Spanish; sometimes I can't think of the English word I want to use and just slip in some Spanish, hoping no one will notice.

Funny story: I talk in my sleep, and one night in high school my mom walked in and asked me a question, thinking I was still partly awake. Apparently I yelled at her in Spanish. :-P

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: detangling??? you seem to get the gist of them, basically.

ques triste! mi telefono es t-mobile. asi que va... pero mensaje de textos son bueno. o, tu prefiere palabras, quiza email?

haha, i don't think counting to ten would amaze anyone... except me. but i have pretty low standards for my language-lessons.

portuguese? italian? seems like you're basically a polyglot. this is impressive.

haha, talk in your sleep, eh? and you used a completely different language! crazy.

i can turn off my alarm-clock while still asleep. i can even remember to get the second alarm that's supposed to prevent me from doing this. sometimes it's kind of annoying when you can't even fool yourself.

Anonymous said...

I know, I'm just being a Spanish snob lol.

Eres la única persona que conozco con t-mobile. Em, de mensajes y email me da igual, pero a veces email es mejor porque puedes decir más, ¿verdad?

I kinda realized languages are my thing after I got into college, hence why I'm a Spanish and Psychology double major (I do like Psych, but I'm not pursuing a career in it). I would love to speak like 5-6 languages, so I have at least 2.5 to go.

My family teases me so much about sleep-talking, but one of my younger sisters does it too, so now they have someone new to pick on.

Haha, how do you turn off an alarm clock in your sleep? I'm the opposite--I probably have the quietest clock in my whole dorm, and I wake up and shut it off at the first beep, if not right before.

Por favor, can you give me a hint as to where I can find your name explanation? I've been looking around (I tried to use the tags for help), and I've mostly learned more about your relationship history and Craig's list than I ever needed to know. :-P

Zek J Evets said...

@jasmin: okay, i'll give you a hint. you should look for "pen names".

and yes, you are being a spanish snob =P

email es bueno. quiero cartas de escritura. aqui mio:

haha sorry about all the TMI on my blog. that's kinda what it's for, but i'm thinking about taking some of it down... eventually. someday. maybe.

anyhoo, these comments are beginning to dominate my post, so i'll just wait for your reply.