Thursday, October 29, 2009


Was browsing through my music-collection when I came upon a slew of Cal-themed songs. It put me in that bragging mood.

Call me biased, but I do so love this great state of ours, the golden place where chill doesn't mean temperature but a way of life.

Things to love about being a Californian:

1. Seasonaless weather
2. The Governator
3. The California Roll (driving maneuver and the sushi)
4. Ambiguous legality of marijuana
5. Our sense of direction is always in relation to where the ocean is
6. Real, fresh Mexican food 24 hours a day
7. High population density of physically attractive women
8. Amusement parks like: Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Sea World, Legoland, Universal Studios
9. Happy Cows

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10. Everyone wants to be one

California is the only place I could imagine living out the rest of my life... if only because everywhere else pisses me off. Except Paris, but that's only because French-people are more pissed-off than I could ever be. So yeah. California. It's awesome, gnarly, tubular, radical, sweet. We invented linguistic quirkiness with "like" "dude" and "hella". We have aquatic-parks and sprinkler systems and bottled-water in the middle of a drought. Our oranges are way fucking better than Florida, especially since we don't have alligators or rain every five minutes during the "summer". The roads here don't involve dirt or cobblestones, and have more than two lanes. We always go twenty above the speed-limit. The pizza is plump, and the burgers are juicy. Women wear reaaally small jean-skirts and men don't bother with shirts. Flip-flops last all year. Tans do too. Nobody gives a shit about other states when we're the tenth largest economy in the world.

California is cool in the most complete sense of the word, from concept to execution.

I humbly submit a musical selection that acoustically illustrates the greatness that is... California.

2 footnotes:

Anonymous said...

There is something about California.

We can get away with anything :p

Zek J. Evets said...

@mounia: indeed =)