Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog Comment Policy

Need to explain a few things to the posters, commenters, and yes, even the spammers that come here to share their words with mine.


This is my personal forum. That I share with all of you.

I did not moderate comments in order to keep an open-dialogue. I did not moderate comments to allow instantaneous reactions, to capture someone's comment at the moment they feel so compelled to make it. I did not moderate comments to avoid groupthink and promote differing opinions. I did not moderate despite frequent spams, flames, trolls, and other cyberspace diseases that one could catch.

But, it seems like a few of you have begun to abuse this. And while I can hardly punish the whole for the part, I am asking you all here and now to abide by...


This means:

1. No ad hominem. Let's not make things personal unless the other person brings it up first.
2. Do not post the same message in several posts on the blog.
3. Quote responsibly. Provide context, and even more importantly frame any facts you are using.
4. Avoid anonymity. You might be shy or lazy, but it's courteous & courageous to identify yourself when joining a conversation.
5. No flame wars. I encourage intellectual hospitality as opposed to intellectual hostility. If you disagree, discuss it. If you are angry, leave and comment back later.
6. Look at the post-date. If you're replying to something from my archives that I wrote months ago, check to see if the discussion has been updated in a different post before trying to revive a dead conversation.
7. Deleted comments aren't gone. I can still see what you posted, and then removed. If you have something to say, then say it and stand by it. You aren't hiding any potentially embarrassing evidence of spams, flames, trolling, etc. You are immortalized, and if necessary, I will copy and paste your deleted comments in your name, to keep the entire range of reactions to any particular post. (And because you shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.)

I took liberally from myriad sources on comment policy that reflect my intentions for this blog. These are not rules, but guidelines; you are free to disregard me entirely, however I will be moderating comments from now on.

HOWEVER, I am asking you to rise above that, naively perhaps, idealistic and foolish maybe, but nonetheless a genuine request for creating a better blogosphere.

Thanks and cheers.

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