Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Someone sent me my recent press cuttings from a semi-glamorous party-event I attended.

Can you spot Yours Truly?

(Hint: look in one of the circles, provided by aforementioned sender someone.)

Looks like I'm moving on up... Aaaall right!

5 footnotes:

Sarah Alaoui said...

at first glance, i was like..wait you're the dog?

haha , SICK.

Zek J Evets said...

@sarah: why would i be the dog? i'm no animorph.

Sarah Alaoui said...

that was the first circle I noticed, lol, but then I found you in the other circle.

Jasper said...

I don't see Waldo anywhere!


Zek J Evets said...

@jasper: maybe he's on a date with carmen san diego?