Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unsung Political Commentator

Ever notice when you're watching the news (whether that be CNN, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, or god forbid, Fox News) that many to most of the politicians, commentators, and all sorts of so-called "experts" make tons of declarative statements supposedly backed-up by facts, flow-charts, statistic and graphs. But I always wonder, is this true? Where are they getting their information from? Anybody can say something that sounds right, but I wanna know for sure. Let me see your sources.

Seems like in politics, the game is about being critical as opposed to being correct. It's not about compromising so much as it is about condemning. They focus on being reelected instead of focus on being responsible. It'd be sad if I weren't so used to it. Cynical pessimism comes from naivete meeting disappointment.

When I watch these political games, it doesn't look like anyone is trying to actually do what's right, but to be as convincing as they can to their audience - their constituents - and make them feel good about what they already believe to be true. Nobody wants to learn or grow really. They'd rather just be there already. It's a little intellectually dishonest, but even more so, it's dangerous. Bad ideas are reinforced by making the public comfortable. Bad decisions are glorified because they were made with good intentions. Completely terrible, utterly horrible consequences are ignored for the greater good that actually only really helps a powerful few.

And nobody realizes this. Nobody ever notices (but in reality everybody does and doesn't care) except to blame it on somebody else instead of the horse they bet on. Escaping responsibility through exterior circumstances is just a cop-out, like a child blaming the gnarled tree-root for tripping them - when really they should've been watching where they were going.

Then comes the fall, and like our reality TV induced culture of rubbernecking voyeurs, we watch the train-wreck with a hungry look in our eyes. Frightening proof that the world isn't as boring as our lives.

We're all so damned impotent. Letting idiots rule the world because we're too fucking busy. Rather be an office-worker than president. Oh, but we so love to watch those powerful players we secretly adore and despise. Obsess over their mistakes, but never dare to make any of our own... which is the biggest mistake of all.

Where's Hope these days?

She's at the bottom of the bell-jar.

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Manju said...

i think a lot of work goes into finding out the information to back up the statements made by politicians. that's a must, coz they're under public scrutiny and they can't afford to say just anything and mess up, or they'll immediately be attacked by their opponents, right? there's a whole administration doing research, liasing and double-checking before we get to see those 'facts'.

you're right though, it is really sad that re-election takes priority over responsibility.

p.s. as for coco chanel, i agree she's not the exact definition of a feminist, but she did break through in a male-dominated industry, and the fact that she was able to rise above the preordained beliefs and prove herself as an equal to those men makes her a feminist in my for her influence, oh well, she shouldn't be held fully responsible. people should have the ability to think rationally for themselves instead of going along with the flow.

lol d'you realize you're the only one who actually analyzed what i wrote. ;)

Zek J Evets said...

@manju: yeah, fact-checking is a big deal... but what kind of "facts" are they using? is it some corporate think-tank skewing the data? is it a religious institution promoting their agenda?? facts can be manipulated to present themselves other than what they are.

i mean, any radical-group can come up with tons of "evidence" to support their position, but what they call legitimate, in reality is sketchy at best.

often times, the trail to follow is so difficult, that most mainstream media institutions give up if it's sufficiently well hidden. i mean, you never really know anything for certain, and it seems like the public should take what they're told with a little more skepticism. helen keller said, "the bulk of the world's knowledge is an imaginary construction."

that pretty much sums it up.

@ the ps: haha, i noticed most people just blindly gave you props for following their blog... nice gesture, but doesn't really make things interesting.

don't let me comment go to your head though. i'm just another asshole with an opinion =)

Jeff said...

Mmmmm....I can relate. Polotics is sophism. Point blank period. Its specious displays of ingenuity that attempts to sway and compel voters to invest thier votes, time and money into them.

On another note....know that Im stealing "blaming it on everybody but there race horse"....neat.

Manju said...

lol, but yeah, it's great to know at least someone's really thinking over what i wrote ^^

i got your point. hide it, distort it, reveal it, information = power