Monday, August 10, 2009

Underground Music Makes Good

There comes a time in my life where I shamelessly promote my friends.

That time is nigh - nay, that time is now!

HAH is an alamgamation of low-fi post-punk garage/thrash that you could imagine playing amongst performance artists in some New York gallery while fashionistas smoke Newports and literary critics sip their bitter red wine. In short, these guys are fucking legit.

The duo consists of Daniel Foster on bass and Jasper Ostrom on drums/vocals. They mesh the seemingly lost angst of grunge with the danceability of post-punk and funnel it through a void in the semblance of a black-hole/worm-hole leading from our universe to some alternate musical dimension. One where chordal instruments are strictly prohibited.

I enjoy their artistic direction as much as I have trouble understanding their music. Perhaps they are linked? Perhaps I'm not meant to "get it" anymore than I am meant to really appreciate a Charlie Parker solo...

Anyways, check 'em out and listen for yourself.

[Habitat Against Humanity]

4 footnotes:

'Kalos' said...

i knew there was a reason I had this propensity towrds your blog that fueled me to indulge myself in insightful posts. Scrolling down your panel I noticed that you have your own book published and I think thats awesome ...esp being that you're young. I respect that...its inspiring. I finalized my decision to write my book recently and I would like to get some advice from you about it.

What were the challenges?

When beggining the book was it hard to find a starting point?? If so, howd you overcome it?

How did you find order in the book?

How extensive and complicated was the publishing process?...

..I have a million questions!!

Zek J. Evets said...

@jeff: thanks, man. i appreciate the support and curiosity. don't hesitate to buy a copy if you're interested ;) haha.

umm, yeah sure. i can answer any questions you have. send me an email with everything you want to ask, and i'll respond to the best of my ability. just click the link in my profile for the address.

and thanks for subscribing!

Jasper said...

amazazazazazazing. zonk'd. I appreciate the little spot in your blog. I have taken the liberty of stealing your words, but linking them directly back here.

Gracias, again.

Zek J. Evets said...

@jasper: you are welcome, sir! steal away, steal away.