Sunday, August 9, 2009

Psychotic Suicidal Killers

Description: pseudo-rant/self-discussion about the recent incident where a man, George Sodini, killed three women and injured fifteen other people at an LA Fitness before killing himself. I talk about his motivations, the implications, society's responsibility, and my personal reaction to the incident.

***Author's Note: all vlogs will now contain my YouTube video description to help frame content and provide background. Also, I realized that I can't count - this is actually my seventh vlog. Thanks.***

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American Black Chick in London said...

Hmm...I don't think this guy's actions would have been prevented by a blind date setup by his friends. While I think I get what you're saying, I disagree that he is as much of a victim as the women he randomly killed. The women he killed didn't know him, didn't have any contact with him and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A bit of food for thought: Could it be that George Sodini had such a long dry spell for a reason? Everyone has dry spells, but this dude's dry spell was like decades long. Most folks can smell crazy a mile away and avoid it like the plague.

Reading this article from ABC ( which features some excerpts from his blog, this guy just seemed to be straight up mentally unstable. He should have been talking to a therapist, not shooting up a damn gym.

Zek J Evets said...

@abcil: well, i don't think so either, but the point was that society has a responsibility to keep track of people. the man had a blog, videos, and a long history at this law firm. didn't anyone notice his behavior, or think to ask why he never had a girlfriend? didn't anyone from his job/family/friends ask about the things he wrote? if he's mentally unstable, then he can't really be expected to be completely responsible for his actions - at least, not legally. more so though, we as a group cannot escape our duties to our fellow man. we pulled the trigger as much as he did but not paying attention to other people who might have problems.

underneath my jokes lay very important points about civic responsibility and empathy for the mentally insane.

and thanks for the link.

American Black Chick in London said...

@ Zek - Fair enough re: his mental instability. I do agree with you that society seemed to fail this guy as far as addressing his mental issues before he got to this point. But I think the US in general does a poor job of dealing with mental health's still considered a taboo and people tend to be discouraged from seeking treatment because of it. Sigh...the only situation is sad all around.

tuleep said...

I fo-definitely agree with your overall point. However, I always believe with these sorts of situations that there are many who feel and deal with the same kind of stuff BUT are not mentally driven to act in such a way. People who have whatever problems, in this case it's a victim of female rejection, act out in those ways due to a plethora of other issues. But I definitely agree that this man was a product of what society did to him, became a victim of it all, and is in a way society's responsibility.

I propose, however, to take this fault in society one step further. You said a couple times how this guy had a blog and relatively active internet forums where he expressed these women troubles. Regardless of who was reading, that sort of outward plea or complaint about a shitty love life by a male is, for the most part, judged to be a weak sign by society. A "man" wouldn't complain that way. A "man" would suck it up and not get emotional all over the internet. A "man" is not supposed show weaknesses and complaints about his feelings. So in the eyes of society's labels about males, I'm guessing many people reading his blog, including people who knew him, would be turned away by that. Now of course this is me just theorizing. I'm not stating fact. But it's a possibility. I think if society is going to take responsibility for this man's life, it's going to be for reinstating these male characteristics and restrictions on what feelings they that should and shouldn't have and what things they should and shouldn't express.

To me, you read it right. Those blog posts should have been a genuine elbow nudge to his social circle to hook him up. But I have a feeling that if he felt that strongly to have resorted to such ends, then his blogs posts were probably pretty intense--too intense and emotional for a MAN'S man.