Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Return: part 1

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Sarah Alaoui said...


When I'm in SD, the apartment can be full of people, but I still get lonely and restless because I miss HOME. Home home home.

Being home now, I miss some parts of SD but not fully yet...I'm not ready to have all of me back there just yet. Absorbing more of home home home, then back to Socal.

Good points as always. Peace out brah.

Zek J Evets said...

@sarah: thanks, yo.

tuleep said...

Interesting. I never had a desperation to leave Orange County. I get sick of it of course, but never did I swear to myself that I had to leave and start another life in order to grow. I knew I'd grow and change even while staying here--and I did. I just don't think the friends that have left see that all the time.

Try staying here and watching all your friends leave and come back as that changed person. They're looking back at home and the memories as a tasty treat to come back to for a weekend while I remain here--it's a strange feeling when you feel like you yourself are the memory to come back to, that delicious little candy bar that, sure enough, will get sickening. It's a completely different complex of "old friends."

Zek J Evets said...

@tuleep: i can definitely see the changes that happened and that didn't happen every time i come back here. most obviously, one of my friends now smokes, another is way into fitness, and the last is a comfortable baristo. cosmetic differences aside though, it's also the fundamental... growing apartness, that makes me wonder, like peter pan, coming back each time, seeing wendy grow older, and older, and older until she dies, while i remain.

my desperation to leave was based on starting a new life for myself, much the same as any immigrant.

it must be interesting from the other side of this idea. must be difficult being described as a candy-bar, haha ;)