Saturday, July 18, 2009

Recent Activities

Artist versus Academic.
Impromptu jam on Newport Beach beach.
Flash-mob dance-party at doughnut shop.
Manhattan clam chowder.
Childhood reminiscing.
Drive-through pizza.
Burbclave hopping.
PCH to San Clemente - there and back again.
Main street racists.
Renewed friendships.
Counting whores on Harbor blvd.
Crawfish with gumbo and rice.
Teaching Sierra to play djembe.
Even later-nights.
Cathy Kim / Sarah Caufield.
Pranks as payback for heartbreak.
Saxophone in the yard.
The Growlers.
Blind-date as goodbye.
Stuffed animal audience.
Bags under eyes.
Plans made.
Plans canceled.
Plans reinstated.
Plans modified.
Even laterer-nights.
Secret spot.
Junebugs and crickets.

So far, it has been intense being back in Orange County.

Video to follow. I haven't forgotten. I just haven't had time.

4 footnotes:

Sarah Alaoui said...

Bay Area>Orange County

Zek J Evets said...

@sarah: i'd agree except...

OC = home.

The BA is great, and i guess my new home, but in the end they're both the same.


Christie said...

You're so lucky to be living in Cali i really want to visit Cali, it looks so wonderful over there. You should visit NY sometime, you'd like it.

I love your blog btw :)

Zek J Evets said...

@christie: haven't been to NY since i was seven for a family reunion where i remember meeting relatives i didn't know could be related (which is always the case, isn't it?) and breaking my wrist getting off the shuttle to the plane because i packed too many toys in my back-pack.

that said, cali is okay. we have bad parts too - i think - and NY certainly has even betterer parts than our better parts.

thanks for the props on my bloggings =)