Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Romantic Zeitgeist via Webcomics

Checked-up on the Happysad archives recently, and noticed Jeroen had a new slew of panels to read. So, I jumped into it like Scrooge McDuck into his ginormous pool of money.

Might have to give this tactic a try... at this point I'm desperate enough inside to give anything a shot - in the dark or not.

Yeah, this never made sense to me, and probably never will. I mean, I "get it", because I know basic psychology, and all that logical/illogical stuff, but I don't really understand it. Why do women read signals so ass-backwards? And why, for the love of gawd, why do people persist in telling me not to try too hard or show how much I care or act in ANY WAY that might give away the fact that I like this person (or that person). Are ya'll so damn confused yourselves that you live your lives on opposite-day?

I will keep trying, because I'm too stubborn to ever really give up, really, because everyone who says "just wait and let it happen" never had the bad luck that I do, because everyone who thinks they can wait around for love and it'll magically appear is lazy and delusional, because I'm proactive, because I'm assertive about my existence. No, I will do something, even if it hurts, because at least the pain lets me know I'm still alive - which is more than I can say for most people - and because I know what I want and where to go... I just don't know how.

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Siditty said...

You should always let a girl know. Some of us are oblivious. Honestly if my husband had never told anyone he liked me, I would have never thought twice about it.

Zek J Evets said...

@siditty: thanks! i wish more people would be encouraging like that IRL. it seems that my personal brand of common sense isn't widely in stock outside, amongst the san francisco populace.

actually, even the world in general is like that, it seems.

i'll keep in mind that girls are "oblivious", hah. good tip.

natalye said...

i think letting a girl know you like her and appreciate her is the ONLY way to go, regardless of what people say. if you're "too forward" for a girl, she's only saying that because 1) she doesn't like you back or 2) she has commitment problems. and even if she doesn't like you back, she still might like the attention, unless you start to get creeper status on her.

also, when i read this:
"because everyone who says 'just wait and let it happen' never had the bad luck that I do" seemed a bit dramatic.
you've had funny/sad/interesting/heartbreaking anecdotes, that's true, but you haven't had "bad luck" - not in love. you've had your fair share of "bad luck" in life and dealt with things (childhood, sibling, parental things) that i never had to even think about and most people shouldn't have to deal with (if life were fair), but as far as love is concerned, i do believe in not trying so hard (that is, you should try hard to win the person you love, once you find her, but you shouldn't try so hard to be in love just for the sake of being in love). and that comes from someone who has had worse "bad luck" than you when it comes to love, aka the love of my life fucking around behind my back and eventually divorcing me. the only thing worse than that is the love of your life dying, i think.

Zek J Evets said...

@natalye: i suppose my love life compared to yours would make that statement seem dramatic.

but i still stand by it. i have bad luck - always had.

thanks for the advice though. i do appreciate it. just wish more person's had similar opinions.

natalye said...

remember that we're young too. very very young. you have a lot of time for falling in love.

and just know that one day - regardless of whether you sit around waiting for it or you go insane trying to find that day in every day - you'll find someone who thinks you're the bees knees, and all of this will be just history.

FunkyStarkitty50 said...

Some women are more aware than others, they just like to pretend they don't. Some girls like the thrill of being chased. We are weird like that. She's out there, you will find her. Just be yourself--everyone has a soul mate.

thelady said...

I like Siddity am completely oblivious. Usually I do not know a guy is flirting with me until my friends tell me he is. The better looking he is the less aware I am. I tend to assume good looking guys are just being friendly or that they flirt with everyone so it doesn't mean anything.