Monday, July 27, 2009

Musical Spotlight

[3] artists I'm currently interested in that come [highly] recommended.

Meaghan Smith. Sounds similar to a folk-pop version of Billie Holiday, utilizing Disney-style music-video techniques and a romantic lyricism that melts like butter in the sun. She also has a beautiful cover of The Pixies, "Here Comes Your Man" that is frankly amazing. Check her out on iTunes/YouTube.

The Temper Trap. At first glance, mild alt-rock. Toms heavy drums, floating vocals, and a soft guitar riff all adrift amongst ambiance. Beneath the surface is a passionate wall of chordal progressions, filling your ears with nostalgia for high school dances and artistic expression. Enjoy with your last drink of the night.

Jamiroquai. Early 2000's funk you might recognize from "Center Stage", which featured their song "Canned Heat." These guys are masters at their craft, hearkening back to AWB, Wild Cherry, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Kool & The Gang. Subdued groove and high-pitched vocals that scream without sounding like it. They're almost a cry. I especially have to give it up for the drummer, Derrick McKenzie, who sits in the pocket like a pro, coming out just when a fill would be most needed. It helps, it really does. You can't find good funk music like this anymore without having to dredge through a lot of top ten b-sides and smooth jazz.

Please check out these artists. They're great in so many ways.


4 footnotes:

tuleep said...

When Virtual Insanity first came out it was on non stop repeat in my room. Good choices.

Zek J Evets said...

@tuleep: thanks =)

glad you approve, haha.

Manju said...

i love your selection of songs!

Zek J Evets said...

@manju: thank-yous ;)