Saturday, July 4, 2009


Never been one for taking pride in my country. I love it for the same reason I love the shameful members of my family - because I have to. The ties that bind us are ultimately unfortunately too profound to break.

Not that I hate America, I just don't get all crazy about it like most people. We can be beautiful... and we can be very ugly. We've done impossibly amazing things, and we've done completely disgusting things. We've helped save lives and restore countries, but we've destroyed them too. It's all one big bipolar pendulum swinging around; between good & evil, there lies America.

Originally had plans to drink and participate in requisite revelry, but decided against it. Stuffy nose combined with lethargy and lack of food in fridge has convinced me to order pizza and watch slew of faux-patriotic movies on Fox.

Might go out and light a sparkler though, just 'cause.

Happy 4th ya'll.

2 footnotes:

Shattered illusions said...

I am opposed to Independence Day. As an Englishman I think America ought accept that they made an awful mistake and apologise to Her Majesty.
-Russell Brand

Zek J Evets said...

@russell brand: i don't like your cheek, sir. and her majesty would do well remember the thrashing we gave her country some 300 hundred years ago - and even more recently, when we brought davie beckham to the states to play sport in all his metrosexual glory.

so chog off, wanker, haha.

(i keed, i keed. all in good fun my son.)