Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alternative Lists

I've been thinking about how people come up with lists. Everyone's got their "desert island top five", top ten, maybe even top twenty. But what about special categories? I think a good list is all in the constraint's construction. For instance, top five Baskin Robbins ice-cream flavors, or top ten themed playsets by Lego.

I have a new list that I recently realized while watching Netflix last night. Top five workplace comedy movies!

1. Office Space
2. Empire Records
3. Waiting
4. Clerks
5. 9 to 5

Pretty sure Listverse has better ones than mine, but it's actually really fun coming up with my own personal random lists - a pseudo-creative outlet that still feels almost productive!

Feel free to submit your own alternative lists (with answers) and I'll post my top three favorites.


2 footnotes:

emily said...

top 5 favorite types of hipsters:

1. dirty hipster
2. american apparel hipster
3. hipster doofus
4. rock and roll hipster
5. hipster parents

tuleep said...

Top 5 awkward silences/moments

1. Cracking a really racist joke only to find out that one random new person hanging out with you happens to be that race

2. An intense sex scene starts while watching a movie with the parents

3. Someone farts and no one can decide whether to acknowledge it or not

4. Your friend fights with parents/husband/wife/sibling while your over at his/her home

5. Someone you just met is overly unaware of personal space