Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simple Things Revisited

I remember the first time I ever tied my own shoes. I was five, maybe five and a half, in kindergarten class, and we were just leaving for the day. Normally the teacher would come over to help me with it, but for some reason I was feeling cocky today, confident. I told her, "I can do it myself!" And she backed off, probably looking a mix of shocked, surprised, and interested.

Took me ten minutes, but I tied those motherfuckers like a champ. Didn't need no double-knots or nursery rhymes to remember how the loops went. It was pretty awesome to stand up on my own two feet, in shoes I'd tied myself, and walk out of school to my mom's car. I felt about as badass as a five year-old can get... till mom ruined it by kissing me on the cheek in front of everyone.

Since then I've been tying my own shoes every day. That's... over fifteen years of tying shoes. Fifteen years, and how often did I ever notice that it used to be so difficult? How often did I stop to think, "remember that time when?"

But today, I did. Today, as I laced up, I stopped and just looked at my shoes. The overlapping contortions, the small loops, the dangling ends. It made me realize that I'm the kind of guy who gets up every day and puts on his shoes, ties them, and then goes about the rest of his life.

Makes me wonder about people who wear shoes that don't require tying, or even worse, who have shoes with laces but never tie them. Are they as independent? Are they as capable of survival in this world? Maybe this is a lot to base off someone's footwear habits, but somehow it seems that it should matter whether or not someone ties their own damn shoes every day.

Oh, these small simple things we revisit in our older days. Nostalgia is such a state of mind.

2 footnotes:

emily said...

try learning to walk in heels, buddy.

Zek J Evets said...

@emily: been there, done that honey. it makes your ass pointy, but don't complain to me when you willingly wear medieval torture devices disguised as fashion.

maybe you should embrace flats, huh? get some vans/converse and be really cool like me =P