Monday, June 29, 2009

San Francisco Pride Parade 2009

Yours Truly was out and about yesterday with my handy-dandy blackbook, writing shit down like I was Harriet the Spy. Here are my rough notes - so please excuse the grammatical errors and generally nonsensical artistry - in chronological order of creation:

"the music plays to a funk beat and next few feet away is lil' pop lockers busting hyphy contortions

all the vendors... lined up like pill boxes, selling your latest merch fix, souvenir to say you're easy

but unknown to everyone, the day moon smiles down on us, waiting for her turn to shine the sky, softer softly than summer sun

the powell station dance party

the escalators offer a constant stream of new participants for the menagerie... and of immigrants, back out again

where's the sense in these bodily masses? coming, going? there's no connection but temporary

michael jackson tribute bicycle stereo polyphonic tourist transportation system


civic center, rainbow balloons, young kids with no homosexuality, but they do love an excuse to party

guy in amalgamated barbie doll costume, taking pictures with passersby, turns plastic beauty into parody

safety club? holding hands, semi-circle. protection or demonstration?

capital building, concrete. who's this pop singer? she sounds more mainstream than a radio-dial

the grass-lawn, lily-pad looking cliques scattered across them

everyone starts making out like it's the end of the world... which maybe it is, in 2012

girls ARE SLUTTIER with gay guys

sign on vendor tent: all we need is love / and salt pepper shakers

random water tossed off the roof, like movie rain, some bored apartment tenant's idea of fun

on twin peaks, a gigantic pink triangle

yelled from passing car: i love robin! robin rocks, bitches!!!

gay marching band outside castro station - pink and black uniforms. maybe klezmer? maybe new orleans?

they have dancers

the city has gone mad in the throes of a homosexual orgy/queer and proud/gay world/happy and homo

tourists, rainbow colors, packed sardine can cars of people, vibrant blue bay sky, not typical, not usual, so many hot girls, legs, short shorts, booty, breasts, tan lines glimpsed through not-quite-covered halter-tops, costumes of staggering randomness, the sheer explosion of music and dancing on the streets - can the concrete even hold it? can these beaten city streets, the asphalt and sidewalks? are the buildings tall enough to prevent this from spilling out into the bay, which leads to the ocean, which touches the whole world? in the ganges, they're bathing in our madness. the nile is flooded with our diversity, with our bright neon rainbow

pride parade has marched, these city blocks bleed sweat and semen, footprints invisibly etched, we are a microcosm for... something

what does all this revelry mean? how do we make things equal through dancing drunk, intoxication and insanity, through parties and parades? at the end of the day, all i know about homosexuality is gutter-trash and an empty dixie-cup. just tell me, what did we do here?"

4 footnotes:

JacqueRoxx said...

"writing shit down like I was Harriet the Spy"


Well, I think the point of parades is to watch and have fun. So I'm not sure if you were supposed to learn anything. I'm all about gay people getting their rights, but I don't think I'd ever go to a Pride Parade.

Zek J Evets said...

@jacque: not much for parades are ya?

i had fun, but i also got confused. just wanted to see some reason to celebrate besides past achievements.

emily said...

wow, negative nancy.

Zek J Evets said...

@emily: only near the end there. but not negative so much as curious, questioning, skeptical and cynical.

the illegal marriages were kind of beautiful.