Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black Feminism

Just a short post tonight.

Been listening to this guy Enoch on YouTube. And I gotta say, he's really interesting. Even though I'm not in any way Black or fundamentally part of Black-American culture, it's amazing how much I'm agreeing with him.

Maybe it's just my outer-chivalry and inner-chauvinism.

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JacqueRoxx said...

This guy is a dumbass. So I should drop out of college, move to the hood, get multicolored weave and tatoos, be a stay at home mother, and THEN I'll get a man?? In my home and in most Black homes, the mother is the anchor of the household, even if the father is still there....and honestly most of the time he's not. Black women need to be strong, go to college, and get high paying jobs because a lot of the men won't do it. I am an "African Queen" and I don't see anything wrong with saying that.

Why would you agree with this guy?

American Black Chick in London said...

Hmmm...I agree with JacqueRoxx on this one. The back and forth relationship between men and women in the black community is very, very complicated. Quite frankly, there's still a lot of open misogyny in the black community and a tendency to blame black women collectively for the ills of the black community, without examining the role of the black male in the disintegration of the same community.

This guy is a dumbass. This guy is just tossing around stupid, detrimental stereotypes about professional black women. What he ignores is the reason why black women have felt the need to progress professionally. As JacqueRoxx pointed out, for a number of reasons, black women have become the anchor of the community and responsible for the upbringing and support of the household. Not in all cases of course, but I've seen this too often in the black community. And I say this as someone who grew up in a stable, 2 parent, middle class black family.

Zek J Evets said...

@jacque: is that what you got out of this video? because that wasn't what i heard.

mostly he just raises the idea(s) of what's wrong with feminism, especially black feminism.

don't think black women need to be any stronger than any other woman. actually, i don't think a woman "needs" to be anything. she can chose to be whatever she wants... but then shouldn't act surprised with what she gets.

i liked that his video gave me a different perspective than what i'm used to hearing.


well, if your supposition is true, then let me ask a provocative quesiton:

if black women are the anchor of the community, then why shouldn't we/they/them blame them for the ills that affect said community?

this guy isn't a dumbass. he just supports a different point of view. i've seen far worse misogyny on siditty's blog. this is mild and tame in comparison. what his video has is an interesting take on something i've been reading a lot in people's blogs.

because honestly, what's wrong with feminism isn't the idea but the reality.

emily said...

1. i'm not sure why you like this, i didn't think he said anything particularly new or interesting; in fact...
2. ...if anything, he just reinforced black-male-stereotypes about wanting his woman to have a big ass, shut the hell up and take it like a bitch
3. also, why would he pretend to know what a professional black woman's sex life is like if 9.7 times out of 10 he doesn't sleep with her?

Zek J Evets said...

@emily: you guys really saw that in the video? i mean, i just didn't hear that. i heard him talking about why professional women are often unhappy and have trouble holding on to a man, and especially why this makes feminism a bad idea for women like this. the whole masculine-women, feminist-romantic relationships, and as to how this pertains to the black community was super-interesting for me.

also, he's a little too ridiculous while talking to get offended.

emily said...

it's not that i was offended,
it's just that i found it sort of pointless.
and he had zero concrete evidence for his arguments, so where's the credibility?

Zek J Evets said...

@emily: probably the same place you got your arguments? all social theory is a construction based on perspective, experience and opinion.

i just wanted to spotlight one that was interesting to me.

American Black Chick in London said...

Black women aren't the anchor of the community by choice, but rather by necessity. When it comes to the family (or more specifically, kids), at the end of the day the man (and I use that term loosely) can just walk away. Women don't really have that luxury (at least not very often). The issues/ills of the black community are not just down to the women. The lack of a positive male presence in too many black households has more than contributed it's fair share to the problems that tend to plague the black community.

I still think this guy is a misogynistic dumb ass. Granted I've seen worse, but that's like saying one racist is alright 'cause at least he's not as racist as the other dude.

As a chick with feminist tendencies, I will agree with you that the idea of feminism isn't a bad thing, but there are some serious issues with the implementation. Although I disagree with pretty much everything the guy in the video said, it did make me think about feminism and how it relates to the black community (and FYI, a good chunk of the black community has issues with the feminist movement anyway because it tends to ignore how both race and gender affect black women).

JacqueRoxx said...

I didn't say that black women had to be stronger than any other women, there was no comparison to any other race . I was talking about black women because that's what the video was about.

Zek J Evets said...

@ABCiL: i'll have to think about your argument, because i'm just not familiar enough with the experience to really say with any certainty.

i will say that misogyny and feminism both have their truths, and their falsehoods. it seems important to never be so certain you dismiss someone's perspective out of hand without considering if they're right - even if they are offensive assholes about it.

@jacque: well, in the video, even though he spotlights black women in particular, he still includes the rest of womanity in his arguments/assumptions.

maybe the problem is that he made a choice between two extremes? life is rarely so cut and dry, black and white, etc... but overall, the point that men want women who are more feminine than masculine is not something to dismiss out of hand, because, after all, women always talk about how they want "a real man".

he might not be right, but that doesn't mean he's wrong either.

samselton said...

as a biracial person i just want to say
well if black women feel like men of the same race aren't living up to their roles, as i so often hear
then i think maybe more black women should pursue men of other races. however black women are the least likely these days to explore the other colors
also i agree..its normal for men to want pretty feminine woman. as i know, being a chick, i prefer pretty masculine dudes. but a woman can be professional and feminine too. my mother for example works over tons of men as their boss and takes shit from no one. but is at the same time 100% really womanly and kind of a ditz sometimes lol