Friday, May 8, 2009

Naked, by Mike Leigh

Another reason why the British people are funnier than we are when it comes to things like drama and shit.

The movie was recommended to me by my Netflix account, based on films I'd seen and rated in the past. It was a gamble - only guessed I'd give it 3 stars - but what the hell, I'll take a chance. And thank bloody Jesus H Christ I did. This movie is right up my alley: British accents, morally questionable sexual encounters, random acts of violence, thinly veiled psychological disorders, and a main-character who can only be described as a fatalistic nihilist with misogynistic tendencies that cannot quite conceal a highly educated and eloquent mind. And the lines! Oh, the lines... they are so awesome, so hilarious, so awesomely hilarious that even a raging-core feminist would laugh. This film is witty as fuck.

Let me share some of my favorite quotes that I picked up.

"Do you think that the amoeba ever dreamed that it would evolve into the frog? Of course it didn't. And when that first frog shimmied out of the water and employed its vocal cords in order to attract a mate or to retard a predator, do you think that that frog ever imagined that that incipient croak would evolve into all the languages of the world, into all the literature of the world? Of course it fucking didn't. And just as that froggy could never possibly have conceived of Shakespeare, so we can never possibly imagine our destiny."

"Do you think you can recapture your youth by fuckin' it? You don't want to fuck me, you'll catch something cruel."

"Was I bored? No, I wasn't fuckin' bored. I'm never bored. That's the trouble with everybody – you're all so bored. You've 'ad nature explained to you, and you're bored with it. You've 'ad the living body explained to you, and you're bored with it. You've 'ad the universe explained to you, and you're bored with it. So now you just want cheap thrills and like plenty of 'em, and it dun matter 'ow tawdry or vacuous they are as long as it's new…as long as it flashes and fucking bleeps in forty different colours. Well, whatever else you can say about me, I'm not fuckin' bored."

"You shouldn't stick anything up your cunt that you can't put in your mouth."

"Louise: Well, I don't know if I want to get married, but I wouldn't say no to a proper relationship.
Sophie: What is a proper relationship?
Louise: Living with someone who talks to ya after they've bonked ya."

"Louise: How did you get here?
Johnny: Well, basically, there was this little dot, right? And the dot went bang and the bang expanded. Energy formed into matter, matter cooled, matter lived, the amoeba to fish, to fish to fowl, to fowl to frog, to frog to mammal, the mammal to monkey, to monkey to man, amo amas amat, quid pro quo, memento mori, ad infinitum, sprinkle on a little bit of grated cheese and leave under the grill till Doomsday."

Sweet baby-back ribs, ain't it just funny enough to make you roll on the floor and laugh your actual, embarrassing laugh? I know I did. Could barely breath. Needed to pause the movie.

This film might not be good for your soul - in fact, it's definitely not good for your soul - but it's good for a laugh, or a cry. (Unless you're like me and can actually relate to the macabre, that black humor.) And something interesting about all of it is that the script was actually created through meetings between the actors and writer, Mike Leigh, where things were ad-libbed and then written down to be filmed later. Most people say that this means Mike Leigh is leeching off his actors, getting them to do the work, while being lazy and unimaginative. Really? Well, maybe that's true... and damned effective, if you ask me.

Anyhoo, I highly recommend watching this movie! Cheers.

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