Thursday, April 23, 2009


Did ya'll ever build sandcastles? Maybe not like the ones in the pictures, but even just a turret-mound? Nowadays the shit has become an art-form unto itself. With tournaments and competitions, and world-class prizes, this childhood past-time is now something for serious individuals only. No amateurs, please.

Used to love grabbing buckets full of sea-water, building tall towers right next to the tide-line, lil' baby legs awkwardly positioned to keep the incoming ocean out and away from my latest creation. Sometimes they'd be huge, sprawling complexes with gates and moats and a bridge. Sometimes they'd be simple towers rising as high as my short arms could pack the sand.

Never got much into the details though. No doors or windows or other finery like that. These were plain creations to say the least. I just liked the building.

Makes me nostalgic for being five years old again. Wish I could go back with my little shovel and my little bucket and just play on the beach all day again, lost in the seemingly important task of getting this frickin' sand to stay put.

Oh well. Here's some more crazy looking sandcastles for ya.


Random line I overheard on the MUNI today.

"Brevity is a beverage I'd like to drink."

2 footnotes:

TeenCreeps said...

listverse makes me giddy like a schoolgirl

JacqueRoxx said...

that second one, with the ghost or whatever, is AWESOME!!