Monday, April 27, 2009

Love Songs

Even though I'm not loving someone, in love, on love, getting loved back, I still can't stop being a hopeful/hopeless romantic.

Always wanted to get into a serious enough relationship to be cheesy and make a love-song mix of Epic proportions. I'm not talking about your Barry Manilow/Barry White shit; I'm talking about the good stuff, the passionate compositions you'd play in the background while having sex. (Or, making love if you're extra cheesy like me.)

Here's a small selection of some of my all-time-top love and love-making songs, mostly modern so's I & ya'll can feel relevant.

I'm Yours, by Jason Mraz. Starting off with this classy pop-piece that's been getting more radio play than even Britney Spears. I swear, I was flipping through the dial and heard it playing AT THE SAME TIME on a smooth jazz station, a soft rock station, and a pop station. Despite the overplay, this is a great song - Jason Mraz does scat singing at the end that is awesome.

Doo Right, by Man Man. This is an amazing piece for how short it is, complete with firework effects and passionate piano pounding. The lyrics are something so random but still romantic, almost like you feel in love with someone from the Psych Ward at your local insanitorium.

Oh, Is It Love, by Hellogoodbye. [Note: this version doesn't have the actual beginning of the song, which is really a very beautiful opener. But this was the best version I could find. Again Youtube always has to make things so difficult...] Gotta love the angsty teen love songs, if only because they're so much effort you can imagine it bleeding.

Meet Me In The City, by The Black Keys. Originally a Junior Kimbrough song, this hard-rocking love-sickness, all about a man wanting his woman who still lives in the South to come up North and be together with him in the city. If you like this you should definitely check out the original, although this one is just as good.

Pale Blue Eyes, by The Velvet Underground. Great great great song! Got a soft slow bluesy-quality and Lou Reed's voice just seems to float up out of the infinity. Perfect for those car-rides in the middle of nowhere, holding each others' hands and rubbing your thumbs together.

By My Baby, by The Ronettes. [Don't mind the album cover for the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing.] This one I had to put in here, because goddamn I love this song. Can't really explain it except to say that it's awesome, and powerful, and will never, ever die.

As I Rise, by The Decemberists. Nice little diddy. Short and sweet and folksy. I often listen to this during those lazy days where I stay in bed as the sun shines allover my blankets. All you need are the arms of a lover and bam! The perfect position for forever.

The Trapeze Swinger, by Iron & Wine. This is a long long song, but maintains a strange sort of ambiance so that you hardly notice it. The voice like gentle-feather brushes, finger touches, small kisses, is something you can equally fall asleep to as makeout to. Honestly, I think Iron & Wine is the Barry White of yours/mine/our generation.

Creature Fear, by Bon Iver. Imagine waking up holding the hands of your lover, slowly realizing your fingers are still intertwined, still holding each others' hands, and she looks so very beautiful laying like that. With equal parts soft interlude and passionate chorus, this song dominates my list, for no other reason than that For Emma, Forever Ago has taken the world by its chordal-throat. Also, on the album this song melds into the next track a bit, and that kind of makes it difficult to pin down just one song from the whole LP to call "romantic". The whole damn thing is romantic as all hell, romantic and sad and very much worth listening to.

Anyways, hope ya'll enjoyed the songs, and maybe even pick up a few of them yourself.


5 footnotes:

isityouorme? said...

omg, I forgot all about Hellogoodbye. used to love that song. off to go download it.

Zek J Evets said...

haha, yes! and i also recommend their EP called "ukulele recordings"

isityouorme? said...

thnx for the info :)

TeenCreeps said...

what about prototype by outkast??
ive always wanted to dedicate that song to someone...

Zek J Evets said...

outkast does love songs!? i'm gonna have to get back to on that, after i check it out...