Thursday, April 16, 2009

Creative Spotlight

I want to share a webcomic that has started to dominate my funny-bone. It's called, American Hell, by Irishman Eolai.

A strange amalgamation of crudely drawn sketches and lines of amazingly hilarious insight. This webcomic is a bit off in terms of its jokes and philosophy, but I like that. Eolai turns humanity on its side and then takes notes. Normally I'd be offended by his lack of artistic talent, but somehow the jarring, nearly Pablo Picasso in style drawings seem to heighten the effect of his eccentric wit. They reflect the imperfections inherent to life and reinforce the randomness of the helter-skelter humor.

There's a deeply cynical viewpoint that criticizes as it entertains. We're shown the sad truth on multiple levels in such a macabre way that you can't help but outwardly laugh and inwardly cry.

Eolai is a bit of an asshole, and acknowledges it, which gives his work the power of apathy, the greatest objective lens in existence. (I can't help but also mention that even though this guy is Irish, the comic is based off American life with American characters and American humor. That, is talent.) He just might be the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde.

Here's a small selection of some of my favorite pieces:

Pretty good, huh? Niftycore to the max, and there are so many more!

Check out his stuff at American Hell dotcom [Link]


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emily said...

those are funny.

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Zek J Evets said...

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