Monday, February 16, 2009

Subdivisions of the Nerd World

I came across this HILARIOUS graphic while trolling the worldwidewebs tonight. It basically breaks down every geek into stereotypical profiles.

What types fit your life? If you can't find AT LEAST five then you're too cool to be a loser.

Here are mine:
1) Nintendo Geek
2) Indy Geek
3) MMO Geek
4) Webcomics Geek
5) Book Geek
6) Lego Geek
7) Anime Geek
8) Band Geek
9) Jedi Geek
and 10) Larper Geek

Is it sad to embrace the essence of dweebosity? I think not! Be proud of not getting laid in the pursuit of that one perfect moment when you reach lvl 70 at Warcraft or watch the last episode of Inuyasha.

(I'd say it's better than sex, but that might not be true. My experience is a little sketchy.)

13 footnotes:

Lex said...

1. Nintendo Geek 2. Book Geek 3. Apple Geek 4.Travel Geek 5. Lab Geek 6. Photo Geek 7. Food Geek

Jacque said...

Im a:
book geek
webcomic geek
tv geek
bargain bin geek

By the way I love your blog! Your writing style is really cool. If you wrote a book I would buy it (if priced under $20, Im cheap). I just thought I should tell you because I believe in giving praise where praise is due.

TeenCreeps said...

im a:
1.bargain bin geek 2.furry geek 3.nintendo geek 4.rock geek 5.con geek geek 6.t.v. geek

Shattered illusions said...

Potter geek
Photo geek
Anime geek
Book geek
History geek

Zek J. Evets said...

@ jacque: thanks! i appreciate my praise-due/due-praise. it's funny that you mention a book... mine is coming out, soonish. (like 2 months.) it might be a little expensive because it is in color though. (the photographs are.)

@everyone: loving the reader-response to this post! i'm glad to know my followers are just as big of losers as i am, haha.

Anonymous said...

You keep misusing trolling as some sort of replacement for strolling as in digital research or travel. This bothers me. Please consider substituting another term, for whatever it is you're describing, in the future.

Back to the blog at hand, though. I guess I'm an Internet Geek, but there is no unique caricature for that; ex-Webcomic Geek and, most probably, Tron Geek.

And, I know "Subdivisions of the Nerd World" sounds pretty, but interchanging Geek and Nerd is a no-no. I consider these to be different classifications of persons with the single unifying trait of foolish, single-minded, socially inept archetypes. At least, that's what the layman, and dictionary, definitions seem to say.

Does this make me a Grammar Geek?

Anonymous said...

Ne'ermind about the "trolling" thing. I've spent too much time on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Portable geek
Apple geek
Photo geek
Outdoor geek
History geek

Oh, thanks for the comment on my blog. I definitely took your suggestion and it really made me think about it again. Uni really does screw you with the costs of not only a dorm, by with the meal plan, parking pass (for the year), with book costs, and whatever else you would want like a gym membership. All in all I would be saving a lot of money. Thanks again! :)

isityouorme? said...

book and rock geek for sure. more like music geek since I listen to other genres too.

Zek J. Evets said...

@ jasper: i'm an artist, so sometimes i do silly things for "artistic reasons". i do agree with you though, "nerd" and "geek" aren't exactly interchangeable. also, i will think of a new term besides "trolling." but i think it still applies, since the verb "to troll" doesn't always have to have a negative-type connotation.

and there are no grammar geeks, only grammar nazis. sorries! (but you can be a semantics geek?)

@ lazyboy: no problem. i always try to check out all my fellow sabotuer's blogs and leave 'em something since they're reading my stuff too.

@ isityouorme?: they definitely could've added more geek-types, but then the banner wouldn't be able to fit on my blog-post, haha.

Anonymous said...

@ Zek J Evets:

Zek J. Evets said...

haha, oh jasper, i dunno how you find these youtube based retorts of yours. but you're full of them... retorts that is.

Anonymous said...

I'm a book geek, Potter geek, band geek, food geek, and a lab geek!

Why are there so few female geeks? (We exist, lol.)