Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some more poetics

It used to feel so narcissistic to post my own poetry up here. Not because I was uncomfortable about other people reading my work (though that was part of it). To write about my own writing was something like masturbating to myself... or not.

Here's one of the five poems I submitted to SFSU's undergrad literary journal this year. Hopefully I get in - but if I don't then it only proves how much better I am than them. Right?

The Unbearable Weight of Not-Being

part of being light is that
everybody moves     directionless
you can't call it dancing (there's no beat, no musicality to this

the MO is passionate, but all they have is     indifference
their eyes can't stand looking up at the sky     too bright
and when they smile the curve is straight —
     even crooked teeth forced into place
everyone wants to tighten up in the corset of beauty&success

an office worker jumping the corporate skyscraper
floor by floor — the window washer following his progress
bottle by bottle
of windex, and     (doesn't even like the job)

already beautiful women putting on faces
layer-piled-layer of exotic concoction cosmetics
till their heavy skin is too-tall in painted pretense

every semi-suicidal high school kid
trying for a little bit of cool
but they can't afford the clothes
instead pretend to be     apathetic

these people make themselves into a sameness     but why?
don't want/care/know enough to say
they don't like the current trend
they don't like their current life?

only the dead should give ambiguous opinions
     (ultimate indifference)
laying in the ground without a thought

2 footnotes:

Anonymous said...

It's our fault? Ouch, lol. Though I can't blame you for feeling that way, given your experience. I think girls are so used to settling for the college hook-up thing that a guy approaching respectfully seems like a trap, and nice guys finish last, etc. Not my thing, but that's the attitude I pick up around campus.

Zek J. Evets said...

oops! sorry, i think you commented the wrong post, haha.

but to answer: yeah, i'm not SERIOUSLY blaming women for everything (well, not much at least) and i do agree that that's the attitude around campus.