Thursday, February 5, 2009

A gamer's life

Once upon a time I was a gamer. (Yes, I know, I seem so... normal.) I remember playing games by Blizzard from the time I woke up on a random Friday morning and not sleeping at all really till Sunday night. One semester I didn't go to school for four MONTHS! (Senior year of high-school. But I still managed to graduate with a 3.0 average.) My diet consisted of hot-pockets and coca-cola - provided I took the time to get out of my chair and GET the food.

Such strange years those were... oh man. It's been such a long time since then it seems, but other times it feels like only yesterday I was grinding an MMO and throwing down stacked-matches in RTS.

Anyhoo... Here's a video that was pretty famous around the World of Warcraft circuits back when the game was still relatively new. This was when I played the game OBSESSIVELY. Seriously! Nearly flunked out of college, twice.

Is that not the most epic & hilarious thing ever? Or is it just me and my skewed sensibilities?

Fuck it. Here's another hilarious one that was presented as a final project for someone's animation class.

And now something for my love of video-game soundtracks. A beat-boxing Mario flutist!

Yes, I am a sad, sad man who has nothing better to do with his time other than look at lame stuff like this... even though I actually think it's really cool.

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