Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can you really put that in a book?

I want to blog about something that I think deserves a little recognition: trashy genre fiction.

What, might you ask, is that exactly? Well, it's basically a novel in the fantasy/sci-fi sub-genre - y'know, swords, sorcery, aliens, advanced technology, epic battles, cunning wizards, brave warriors, evil scientists, strung-out mercenaries, etc - but with a subtle twist: sex.

Yes, I said sex. These novels feature lots and lots and LOTS of slutty heroines/damsels in distress macking it with their male co-stars. (These are usually called the Fan Service parts of the book - because they give the fans a little "service".) The author will describe female's bodies - and often the mens' too - intensely and realistically, giving the appearance of the writing you'd find in your basic trashy, dirty, kinky, adult-book store. Sometimes there are even full-on sex scenes, where the characters actually have do it in the text... and then the author even gives us the narration of the afterwards. (Smoking appears infrequently. But there's ALWAYS onomatopoeias of moans, groans, and other sorts of post-coital sounds.)

Actually, these books are probably best compared to premium cable television - the action, the drama, suspense, and, of course, the skin.

Here's a partial list of choice trashy-fantasy (and sci-fi) novels.

Peter F. Hamilton writes a Space Opera with a spiritual twist. Souls of the dead return to possess the living! And humanity must fight against it. The only problem is: to get rid of the possessed, you have to kill the person who has been possessed. The universe is sweeping with literally hundreds of civilizations mentioned in the trilogy. And between all of it is a lot of characters getting down & dirty. (Humanity employs genetic modifcation generally without restraint, allowing for some... interesting possibilities.)

Piers Anthony writes with puns like they're going out of style. (Which, they are.) The Xanth novels describe a bizzare world where magic is in the very ground. Centaurs, dragons, wyverns, winged-unicorns, love springs, castles, daemons, and the occasional broken fourth-wall, his books will make you laugh out loud from sheer randomness. Most of the nudity is casually introduced, and then just as casually made fun of. Characters NEVER do it in the narration - but everyone is always trying to!

Jacqueline Carey presents a world where fallen angels procreated with men (well, actually with women - but you get the point) and the result is a new society that follows the doctrine: "Love as thou wilt." And they do! They're more sexually liberal than a porn-star. Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and BDSM are all featured in the series. Marriage is treated from reverent to innocuous. The story overall is an eclectic mix of high-fantasy, religion, and medieval soft-core pornography.

This one is my favorite. Jim Butcher writes a modern-day noir fantasy. The protagonist, Harry Dresden, works as a wizard-for-hire, dodging bullets and supernatural creatures to get the job done. Like all detectives, he attracts more than a few ladies in trouble - and just like all detectives, he can't help but describe their heaving bosoms and elegantly crossed legs. Even many of the villains are dead sexy - literally. As the series progresses, the tantalizing scenes get more and more intese. At one point two of the main characters have sex throughout the ending of a chapter, followed by them talking over how good it was!

Anyways, that's all I've got for now. Read at your pleasure... I mean, leisure.

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TeenCreeps said...

are you serious?
ewww aliens getting it on

Zek J Evets said...

oh, this is VERY serious business.

but yeah, kinda gross too, i guess... if you're not used to it.