Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hypocrisy when pretty girls are involved

Okay, I know how I totally bashed hipsters like three or four posts ago.

But now I have to admit something: hipster girls are fucking HOTT. Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, sexual, delicately put together... I just wish they weren't so stupid/annoying/into hipster guys.

Really there's no excuse for this, but I just can't help it! There's something fashionable about them that makes me think they could be interesting girlfriends, personally, publicly, and especially privately. It's the way they cross their legs, or how their bangs are always almost in their eyes, or any of the million odd assortment of eccentricities they possess.

Geebus P Cryst!

It's just not fair that they're so damned good-looking, but completely vapid otherwise. If only there was a decent one to be my hipster queen... something like that!

Oh well.

8 footnotes:

Andruba said...

how come you had to pick the best pictures for this post? its great

Zek J Evets said...

haha. i guess i'm just talented like that.

jasper said...

That comic summed up the comment I was going to post in your previous H*pster entry.

I think you know how to aquire your future H*pster queen and are well on your way. In fact, I'm uncertain as to why you haven't already accomplished this.

Nothing says irony more than a jew donning keffiyeh. *hint hint*

Zek J Evets said...

hah! i'll pass on the irony. we've already had liberal-rabbis protesting the recent killings in gaza alongside islamic fundamentalists at union square.

as for finding my queenie... you'd be surprised how much i suck at - how do they say? - "sealing the deal".

TeenCreeps said...

as in the post before now i think you are an asshole haha maybe its just the guy hipsters that you hate.

Zek J Evets said...


no, i hate both of them. hipster girls just has the redeeming quality of being GIRLS. thus, they have butts, boobies, and beautiful faces to distract me from the fact that what they talk about sounds like two cats fighting in an alley-way somewhere nearby.

but yeah... majority opinion seems to indicate that i AM an asshole. oh well. maybe it'll help me get laid?

doubt it.

Lex said...

If you take a look at relationships of other people, you'll notice that a lot of girls are willing to date assholes. It's that whole "I can save him and change him to be a better man for me" mentality. So who knows? Maybe being an asshole will actually work out for you?

That is making yourself a hypocrite though....

Zek J Evets said...

haha, oy vey lex.

i'm never sure if you're trying to help me or making fun of me. i guess it's a bit of both.

gonna have to disagree with you about the mentality. i'm sure for some girls it's like that, but most of the women i've talked to, they tell me they like assholes because the guy ACTUALLY has a nice side that only they get to see/experience. it makes them feel special. too bad they don't realize the idiocy of it till the guy starts treating them poorly, cheating, beating, and such.

no, i don't think i'll become a complete asshole. not, at least, where girls are involved. i was too strictly raised for that kind of behavior. if i did it, i'd just come off awkward... which is what i do with everything anyways, haha.