Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something that wasn't begun on a digital page

I keep a blackbook. It's standard for us writer-types. The point is to have a blank page to fill with your ideas... a completely free space. For creativity this is great. For organization this is not. I have trouble keeping track of my blackbooks - and sometimes the shit I write in them is really good! But because you can't itemize those sorts of things, they tend to become disheveled and forgotten.

However, in honor of my recently rediscovered blackbooks (and all the great stuff that was in them) I shall post up a few short bits that reminds me of all the great ideas I had/used to have.

"massive gathering of derelicts, rejects, and the morbidly fascinated audience who laughs and agrees but doesn't know what's actually happening. someone blares on a mic, ambiguous lyrics or a message? and someone tells us, 'fuck conformity!' -- artists like this give art no name."

"juxtaposition: everything next to each other. call it closeness."

"sexual needs deep hot too heat flows bones made soft and sinew cartilidge hard everything in-going makes it. now i need to too."

"what was the point? to be alive. what was the point? to be free. what was the point? to say i love you. what was the point? to hold someone close. what was the point? to kiss. what was the point? to tell you. what was the point? to feel less alone. what was the point? something intangible. what was the point? something unexpected. what was the point? i don't know."

"teach kicks licks to make lessons. nobody won't laugh."

"from the highest hilltop to the deepest pits, God hasn't cursed me, but i certainly don't feel blessed. this is more like posthumous purgatory."

"not the living but the wasted, the left behind, the bereft think of all the days unlived - tomorrow & tomorrow."

"the connection is implied between you & me."

"hello! welcome to this draft. i'm auditioning characters for my story."

"mad scientist smiles because of all this progress. but is it? or is it one-step forward to go two back?"

"torn = texture."

"where does a story end and a lie begin? is it the start or at the finish? because the middle's all the same...except for which direction you're going in. the middle is where everything comes together, then seperate so you can understand it."

"writing about writing is like...redundant."

2 footnotes:

samantha biotch said...

you know i should get one also cause like i get papers filled and

never remember what folder i put it in..


nicely done i must sad cause

i thought i was werid for doing it..

love your stuff btw.

Zek J Evets said...

thanks. i've been reading your blog also.

it's a little weird, haha...but kinda interesting too.