Monday, December 22, 2008

Projects of the, from the, underground

1. Distorted Orange and the Hidden County

A poetic manifesto of my experiences in Southern California, from women to nature to materialism. It is above all a reaction against the media's (MTV and VH1 especially) depictions of Orange County as some sort of super-rich, super-suburban playground for spoiled teenagers and desperate housewives. This book shows a different perspective, that is perhaps nearer the truth for the flaws and undiscovered aspects it holds.

2. Cityscape

The compilation of all my experiences in major cities across the world, told through the eyes of a cast of characters - bums, social workers, valets, gas station attendants, and other random people - that will illuminate the various ways of seeing a city. There's more than just buildings and bodies; there's a connection created through being forced so close together. Each piece in the book will give a different mood, or scene, or subject, until, taken holistically, you feel like you have actually visited the city yourself.

3. HK series

An experiment in form on the same subject, but with different emotions. Each essay will shift the presentation so that the main character's "love" can be seen for the complex situation that it is. There will be lots of anecdotes and break-ups. My goal is to describe a relationship that is more beautiful for its unconventional foundation.

4. Horror stories from the Outlands

An homage to classic pulp fiction stories. It will be a collection of short stories featuring the superstitions of a myriad of things: batmen, highway spectres, lost camel herds, forgotten cities, squatter-villes, melon-heads, conclaves of albinos & midgets. Think R.L. Stein meets H.P. Lovecraft at a bar where Nathaniel Hawthorne hangs out and then they get drunk with Robert Aickman before the after-party at Alvin Schwartz's house.

5. One-liners of the city

A short collection of one-liners that captures the essence of major cities around the world, from New York to Baghdad to Prague. The goal is to distill each city down to that single line which really portrays the place, while still being faithful to its other nuances.

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