Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The pictures, they move? Moving pictures? Whaaa!?

Welcome to a first from the cultural zeitgeist I call Saboteur Academia.


Yes, I will now be sifting through the internet's webjunk for amazing pieces o' cinematic glory. "Informatative entertainment" is the buzzphrase for what I will be posting. As I acclimate myself to the business of trolling the world wide web there should be a definite rise in the originality of the things I post. In other words - expect some good shit.

For starter's I give you a classic video favorite of mine: Battle at the Kruger. A lion pride attacks a poor baby buffalo, which is then nearly stolen by a crocodile before the rest of the buffalo herd comes to the rescue. Big cats are flipped. Claws and jaws and horns go toe to toe in the African wilderness. At the end, you'll be surprised to see that lil' baby buffalo is still alive! This video has always been one of my favorites.

Enjoy the flicks, kids. And I'll see you soon with more from my lil' zeitgeisty hidey-hole of saboteur academics.


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