Monday, December 1, 2008

Choose your disability

Classic example of moral-physical dilemma: would you rather be blind or deaf?

To answer this question fully, I must first describe the types people who exist based on their response to this. First, we have the visual-types who can't help but need to see EVERYTHING. Then, we've got your audible-peeps, who're listening so hard it's a surprise they didn't go deaf already, but gawdforbid because they've GOT to have background soundtrack sound. There are the overly confused people who can't decide one way or the other - because they're fucking indecisive. And don't forget the ever-independent, "I'll take E) none of the above" who miss the question entirely.

Those are your basic caricatures. Now, here's my overly-complex answer...

*I says* I am a writer, a musician, an explorer, philosopher, and general rennaisance man. To see is to experience for me. Without sight, I cannot people-watch, or observe the great events of my time. But, to hear is to breath for me. Without sound, I couldn't feed my soul to grow, never building past my foundation. You get it? I'm indecisive because either choice leaves me stifled as half the person I am.

*Devil's Advocate says* I know, I know - no fucking shit Sherlock! Of course losing one of your primary senses will take something off of you.

*I says* And thank-you captain obvious...but for me it's a bit different. (And I'm not just saying that.) See, I'm dependent on being able to experience and grow. It's part of my daily routine, and how I do my work. Without sight or sound I'm basically broken - because I'd be broke. My existence is precariously balanced on maximizing my eyes&ears capabilities.

*Devil's Advocate says* But seriously! How do you choose between two bad choices? Lots of people try to make a third one, only to completely fuck-up the equation. Most people simply can't decide, and will forever be too busy wondering what they'd do if such&such happened.

How do you choose between two bad choices? You don't. If something terrible has to happen, then you let it happen, and accept the random outcome. Choosing to kill or be killed, to lie or cheat, to be blind or be deaf; it's all shitty no matter how you slice it. So why pick one? When you can let circumstances thrust their will upon you.

*I says* Well, I'll tell you why! "Fate must be defied many times in order for a person to actually be called alive. This is because only a fool clings to Fate instead of living their own lives." — Tsunami Silver Dragon.

*Devil's Advocate says* Too easy using a quote. Fate isn't any different than if you just called it something else, like saying, "shit happens."

*I says* No. Fate is purposeful. Shit happening is random. Me falling into an open sewer and dying right before I meet the love of my life is shit happens. You getting hit by a toilet seat jettisoned off an old Russian space-station is Fate. ...If I absolutely had to choose between being blind or deaf, then I'd choose to be deaf. I already know what the woman I love sounds like, but never seeing her would be pretty much hell.

So, I guess, if pressed, we can all come up with something.


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