Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sometimes I don't know everything. (I know! So crazy...) But when I find myself in doubt, or confused, or lost - I tend to make shit up and hope it works. Bad idea, maybe? The fact is, I can see other people's problems much more clearly than I can my own. It probably has something to do with perspective and proximity or something. My psych professor would know.

However, in times of complete and utter fuckupedness, I turn to experts who can help. Except, where do you find an expert in the areas of urban exploration, book binding, doodles, and being a boyfriend? Thank gawd for the internet. I hit up wikiHow to find out what's the way to be.

In fact, wikiHow has a lot of weird how-to manuals, all in the loveable yet slighty untrustworthy format that anyone can edit. Sure, the "How to Fold a Towel Cat" one is kinda useless, but other articles like, "How to Open Rigid Plastic Clamshell Packages Safely" or, "How to Hang out with Popular People" seem like they might come in handy...someday. ("How to Make Authentic Mexican Guacamole" was pretty interesting.)

Sometimes it seems like the internet is slowly, but surely, replacing everything. I mean, it's almost like some kind of Cowboy Bebop (episode 23)/Ghost in the Shell thing where you'll be uploading your consciousness into cyberspace. Will Google give me a reason to abandon my body because its out-of-date with the latest models that I can't afford? Forget expensive hardware to house your Self - try our SoulCatcher 300 program and save yourself a ton! Upload your consciousness now.

'Course I think we've still got a ways to go before it gets to that...I think. Anyhoo! Thanks wiki, for showing me the way to being everything from a Samurai to a trash-compact operator.


Funny web-comic that typifies why I like to flame forum-trolls

2 footnotes:

Jasper said...

From Toothpaste For Dinner to xkcd, internet webcomics are enveloping you.

It isn't enough to be immersed in an mmorpg anymore; you must be apart of the culture, regulate a blog, be a conistant contributor to a forum, using the internet for good.

Or, you may turn to the dark side of ecchi, memes, trolling, subversion, greifing, webpages on romanian servers, the infinite morally-depraved abyss of lulz, fail, and laser cats.

Cyber-punk and animes like the one's you've mentioned (and, if I may, append to your list one that I've seen recently called 'Serial Experiments Lain') have mostly, if not already, covered a vast majority of themes to be explored within humans' relationship to technology.

The future is now, and the present can only be weirder than any fiction. Quite simply because it defies and supersedes the imagination by existing. The internet has invaded our daily lives; to what end our bio/techno-logical symbiosis brings is unknown.

/This can only lead to inter human-pixel relations.

In conclusion, I fucking hate the internet - yet can't bring myself leave.

Zek J Evets said...

well first of all, wow, jasper. what an incredibly-constructed comment.

i can only voice my difference towards one thing: if i accept that all/most of the themes of humans' relationship with technology has been covered by present anime and/or manga, then i have surrendered my artistic passion, the desire for semi-originality and relvancy.

this is not something i can do. thus, i shall continue to search for alternative paths for exploration as the present continues...existing.

p.s. "the future is now" is SO 2k1