Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is kind of egotistical...

...but I'm posting up a poem of mine. Normally, I try NOT to be so obviously lame/phony, except... I found this poem in my plastic hardcopy bin that I keep near my door so I can grab it in case of a fire/earthquake/armageddon/rampaging hordes of mutant zombies. The thing is, I wrote half of it in high school and the other half after I got dumped by this girl I had been dating for a few weeks after I first moved up here to SF.

Anyways, I really like it since it's not as "wordy" as most of my other poetry, and I just thought that's reason enough to share it. Enjoy!

Never thought that was a farewell mimed

what's the reason for regret?
do i want what i had, want what
had me tight-gripped, choking for it?
missing the past, missing the person
missed, mist, misty, teary-eyed         sentimentality
            i've gotten too cold for that

safer on the memories splashed around like paint
inside my head there's lots of confused images:
dark hair strands poking my mouth, sticky split-ends
chest breathing         heaving air packets out-n-out
too-baggy jeans covering small feet         wiggled within patched sandals
roommate, dormmate making smoke or sex
sounds crawled under the door to intrude on the last
two seconds before


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