Sunday, October 19, 2008


It seems like I'm a magnet for random people who want to make random proposals to me for their random interests.

Actually, I think both of these messages are just plain scamtactics. But hey, could be fun to fuck around with them a little bit. Here's a copy of the messages:


My name is Annie Cruz . I was looking at your profile, and you seem like a very open minded person!
Im extremely confident that you're doing well right now, but I'm working with a communications and technology company endorsed by DONALD TRUMP. Our company is expanding in your area and were looking to fill a few positions. I was curious If I could put you in a position earning 2k-3k a month, part time, would that be an offer you would want to take avantage of? (this is not advertising, its real)

here is a little bit more info on what we are offering. we have just expanded from the east coast into the area, we are looking for a few sharp people willing to help us out partime in a position called team trainer. you will be working 10-12 hours a week. all you have to do is make sure everyone is doing their job. well if you are interested, just leave me your name and a number in which my executive can reach you at ok."

"No Subject

hey me and my partner just moved to the sunset, can u sell us some weed?"

Apparently, I'm highly sought after for my "open mind" and "drug peddling" skills. Better watch out - this lil' Jew is moving on up...

2 footnotes:

Lex said...

lol wow. I thought I attracted the strange funny ones, you have me beat by miles.

Zek J. Evets said...

yeah...somehow my victory feels kinda hollow & pointless.

maybe it's just that i'm not sure where i can put my "attracts random people" trophy.