Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a quick one

(That's what she said.)

I know all you blogheads and casual readers and random passers-by will be saddened to hear that I'm going to be reducing the amount of posts I make next month, due to recently developing circumstances. Let me cut the ambiguity and just tell you what's going on: I have to move out of my place by December 1st because my roommates have broken-up.

This is the downside of rooming with a couple, I guess. But so it goes, y'know? It's more of an inconvience than anything else really. It's just coming at a reaaally awkward time...whatever though.

I'm still going to be posting things up here, they'll just be cut back because I need to spend my time finding a new place, packing up my things, and getting settled in all over again. After I'm all moved-n-stuff you'll see a resurgence of my usual zaniness.

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