Monday, September 29, 2008

Reviews, Reviewers, and Reviewees

I hate music reviews... Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. I really, really, really, REAAALLY dislike music reviews. This is kinda unfortunate because lots of people that I generally like, including my brother, write music reviews pretty often. In fact, most artists/taste-makers/socially-conscious individuals tend to indulge in ink-based blood-letting, AKA criticism.

Now, it's not that I have anything against music-reviewers personally, but their function is something I find disgusting. Why is it that we need to classify our music in to genres that reflect a person's opinion of the tunes in question, rather than what it actually is? (If such a thing can even be objectively determined.) Why does someone need to listen to an artist's CD and then write out their own interpretation, expecting us to accept it as factual, as opposed to simple perspective? It's art. It's different for everyone.

The whole paradigm of reviews pretty much pisses me off; book reviews, music reviews, food reviews, art reviews, sports reviews, on and on and so on... It seems like people are too lazy to figure out what to think, how to think, by themselves. Can't we make our own opinions anymore?

My point is, is that what someone else thinks of something is just their opinion of it. A new song, or an up-coming book, or some recent art exhibit, is not what they say it is simply because they took the time to write down the first impulse to trigger their fingers into moving across the keyboard in time for a deadline. These things shouldn't be defined by one person.

I say, make up your own mind as to what is what in the world, because for every expert that tells you he's sure, there will be ten in the back yelling that he's wrong. And when it comes to critics, they're just someone who tells you what so&so did, tried, and wanted, neverminding that the person who actually wrote that book, played that song, or made that cake, could tell you just as easily, if not more so, because they're the ones who actually did it.

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