Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Manifesto

You see, here at Saboteur Academia we like to promote the unusual and unexpected, something that isn't actively fighting to not be mainstream, but just turns out that way. We want to recognize people who are normally shunned by both regular society and unoriginal noncomformists. This blog is a symbol of their efforts to bring about the greatest movement that doesn't change anything in the entire history of greatest movements that didn't change anything. (I'm looking at you Christian countercult people.)

But seriously, this is about letting things that don't make sense, even to the crazies, get some attention/recognition/good ol' fashioned ridicule. Take in the surprising ideological manifestations apparent in the Anarchism without adjectives movement, or learn about the continuing fight against prejudice by The Foundation against Intolerance of Religious Minorities, or appreciate the political/pop-cultural tendencies of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), or explore the ever growing (sorta) religion of Discordia, or even enjoy a little Post-cubist Dada-esque Art. It's about letting go of that sensibility, folks. Can't we all just love everyone's everything?

***BONUS*** (I've really been getting in to bonus material.)

Alternative Job Titles

1. Urban Explorer

2. Electronic Arts Critic

3. Cyberspace Astronaut

4. Generational Relations Manager

5. Linguistic Reclamations Agent

6. Sub-Cultural Anthropologist

7. Professor of Unapplicable Knowledge

8. Contextual Comprehension Assistant

9. Nubile Exhibitionist Inspector

10. Imaginary Awards Host

11. Book Binder

12. Hipster Detoxification Specialist

13. Non-Athletic Sports Coach

14. Foreign Music Journalist

15. Face Painter

16. Representative for the Right to Bare Breasts Movement

and 17. a Special Olympics Event Coordinator

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