Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's Talk about Conversation

I've been getting into a lot of weird conversations lately, and something that's always been bugging me about them is: why are people so bad at it?

Take last night for instance. I'm on the phone with a girl - we'll call her CLT - and she's been responding to me about a lot of the Craigslist ads that I've been posting the last few weeks. It was actually our first "live" conversation, since most of the time we've just been e-mailing each other.

But she really sucks at talking. In fact, she wasn't even that good in textual form. How so? She forgets the things she said five minutes ago, constantly gets distracted by her hands that she "claims" I have been making move, and has admitted she has no idea why she's even talking to me, yet can't help but keep on talking/insulting me.

I don't mind the insults so much, since that's kinda our shtick it seems. But is this chick five years old? She can't remember if she said how old she was/where she goes to school/her hobbies? It'd be funny if it wasn't for the fact that I found out she's 21.

Sorry for the mysogyny, but, I've learned to expect/accept less-than-intelligence from most women I encounter, but there are still limits. If a tween came up to me and started pulling that kinda shit, it'd make sense. When someone who's supposed to be an "adult" starts doing it...I laugh outside and cry inside.

What's happened to people nowadays that they can't relate anymore?

Nonetheless, I enjoy the conversation because she's so ridiculous. I wrote down some good lines:

1. I'm only a little sober, but that doesn't mean I'm drunk.
2. Seriously, I can't sleep with a dog on my legs.
3. Stop making my hands move all weird.
4. I like to put down the phone, get myself in a comfortable position and go to sleep...but I forget that people can hear me snore.
5. Do you think I should go pee? I'm too lazy.

I wish I could make these things up.

4 footnotes:

Anonymous said...

Coming from another girl's perspective, the girl you're writing about sounds like a total idiot. And for someone with as much intellect as you have, you deserve more than to have to converse with a girl about whether or not she should use the bathroom.

I swear, there are actual, intelligent girls out there, and I hope you'll run across a good one before you lose all hope completely.

Also, we have met, but I doubt you'll be able to guess who I am. :)

Zek J Evets said...

We have?

Well, if I can't guess, maybe you could just tell me then?

Alexandra said...

I'm sorry, but people like that really...annoy? Frustrate? Irk? I'm not really sure how to explain the feeling of pity and the urge to stab them with a fork -all mixed together. There's intelligent life out there...I'm sure of it. I can't speak for sure as I have yet to discover it in many men. lol but I still have hope. I agree with the other person, the girl you're writing sounds like a total idiot.

mary said...

Not to distract you from her obvious lack of substance, or even make up an excuse for it...
but, in her defense, maybe she is just really sheltered.
hasn't had enough socialization with adults to have some poise and composure. maybe its a matter of comfort with you or (even more likely) herself.
I just know from experience that neurosis can do horrible things to people.
They say the silliest things to avoid awkward silences and end up being misinterpreted.
Anyways, we all have our facades but i think sometimes people are just misunderstood, not TOTAL idiots.
wait, am i being naive again?
oh well...thats my philosophy for now.