Monday, August 25, 2008

Crack or Coins?

What has the world of gaming come to? I remember the days of idyllic grinding, where all you had to worry about was: which uber-item to equip next? Now, it's all become so complicated, so intensive, so beyond any sense of life-integration. You can be a gamer or a person, but never both. Why can't we just fusion, huh? (Okay, that was kinda cheesy.) Seriously, I'm tired of how much games require of you now, just to be competitive. Forget pwning, I just don't want to see "noob-status" stamped to my avatar's forehead.

I know this story is a bit dated, but it deserves a little more press (along with my opinion.) ****** These guys are actually that dedicated to this game that they'd spend that much time, only to fail. Fuck. That is teamwork, that is loyalty...that is called being ob-fucking-sessed.

Has it really come to this? Are we to sacrifice our health just to fufill some cyber-seduction fantasy of gold and quests and dancing little elves? I mean, c'mon! I'm a person who kind of LIKES being outside and interacting with people facetoface on occassion - if not more often. Can't you guys make it a little easier? But then again, I'm a casual gamer (at best). I don't represent the population I used to participate in. Now, I'm just past-tense, a side-liner watching the games he used to play. I'd get back in! ...If I didn't think it would suck up my existence.

3 footnotes:

Alexandra said...

As fucked up as it sounds, this opinion coming from a huge over the summer being introduced to Commitment-phobic people (large population) got to have respect that at least they possess the ability to dedicate and commit to something. Granted it's not in the most healthiest of ways...but better to harm yourself than others right...

Zek J Evets said...

with that kind of logic you could respect charles manson for his dedication to killing people.

c'mon! have some fucking standards.

Alexandra said...

Hey I said "better to harm yourself than others". Charles Manson killed people, not exactly a healthy dedication and it involved hurting others.

I do have standards...kind of. For some things.