Thursday, July 17, 2008

You know it has been a long day when...

when you're too tired to talk
when little things seem to take FOREVER
when everybody won't leave you alone (except the ones you want there right then - who are nowhere)
when you wear your sunglasses all day so nobody will look into your deadly eye-stare
when you've listened to the same song over & over again without realizing it
when happy people piss you off
when sad people make you laugh
when small children are five seconds from being pushed into traffic if they don't stop crying for their fucking hannah montana/jonas brothers memorabilia
when the only people who hear you are the same people who didn't hear you last time
when even your best only comes off "okay"
when you wish you had someone to take it out on in some sort of semi-violent sexualish way
when you've masturbated enough to use up an entire roll of toilet paper
when you think about actually doing all the things you said you'd never do
and when you think that in the end it's all just not worth it.

3 footnotes:

Alexandra said...

I'd describe those days pretty much the same way...interesting stuff though.

Zek J Evets said...

are you going to leave comments on all my posts?

Alexandra said...

No just the ones that I feel the need to comment on.