Sunday, July 6, 2008

Midafternoon Musings

I've been having a thought.

We're all so used to dealing with fake people nowadays. We have small conversations where we don't say what we mean and ask questions we don't care to know the real answers about. "How are you?" "I'm fine. You?" "I'm good." "Cool." And so on...

Is it that we're all just jaded? After a thousand little encounters that suck up the soul of our politeness and interest, I'm wondering if people slowly become incoluated from sincerity.

And those of us who consider ourselves to be decent, genuine people, what about us? Do we actually think that we've kept ourselves intact from all this idiociy and ignorance? Or has the strain of being among the few remaining real people around gotten to us?

Seriously, we look at the world with a little cynicism. When we meet people we judge them a little harsher, and when someone has a problem we come down with a little more condescension. We've conditioned ourselves to the world as it is, expecting to deal with shitty people, but then when someone worthwhile comes along, we don't know how to react. Everything they say is suspect. Their actions are weighed and measured like anyone else's because we're not used to dealing with someone who's not just honest, but genuinely good.

Don't deny it. Don't try and rationalize your way around the cold hard fact that we have become just as soulless as the people around us we think less of; and when someone comes along who's not fake, who's actually authentic, we don't have a fucking clue of how to be. We've lost something - our ability to be ourselves.

'Course, maybe this just a buncha bullshit. Maybe this is a waste of cyberspace and I should toss in my career as a social philosopher/commentator and go into accounting, or something.

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Alexandra said...

We deal with people according to our life expirences. The problem is there's too many (the majority in fact) that hold their scars with themselves. Referring to your previous blog (the war and peace lengthy one), my example would be that. Most women use expirences from past relationships or life to justify their actions, be it turning into a huge flake or cheating or whatever..etc, etc. There's too many that choose to just hold the scars and not the lessons from the what I'm trying to get at. And this, in turn, effects how they interact with other people.