Monday, June 2, 2008

The Smell, and other insights

I recently took a trip to The Smell, on LA's illustrious south main street, between 2nd and 3rd street.

Beautiful, isn't it?

But seriously, in this dilapidated corner of Los Angeles hipsterdom, I got a reminder of why I just don't get my generation on some levels.

First, the doorguy with his Hot Chip-induced child-molestation glasses. (You can't see them really well, actually, because I'm a horrible photographer.)

Second, the fucking decor - says, "I don't give a fuck, but try so hard." Doesn't it?

It's hard to be original without being annoying too - at least, that's what it seems like anyways.

You can really get a good idea of that from the music. The first band:

They sounded a lot like some sort of noise-experimentation. Any semblance of melody, harmony, rhythm - the three prime elements of music - was tenuous at best. In fact, I think their intent was to be as abstract as possible. It's like a musical paint by colors except they're using chords instead of Crayolas.

The second band:

She was pretty much just a naked woman from England singing along to a laptop while her saggy tits vibrated in the high bass level. I think it was supposed to be some reactionary statement to how contemporary sexuality is just anorexic nonsense.

I don't think her point really came across. The music was too shitty.

The third band was the only band who's name I could remember. They were called: Battle Hooch.

These guys were a fun band; a little too much like Man Man copycats, but still fun. They had the place jumping, and their antics were a great way to keep the song transitions fresh.

Honestly though, I just didn't understand the whole scene. I mean, what's the point of super-skinny jeans and one-of-a-kind graphic t-shirts and alternative slutiness and abstract musicality and the random picturesque?

Do they feel cool like that? Or maybe they just feel self-expressed? I guess you'd really have to ask them - but I don't think the answer would make much sense. Besides, we're just here on Earth to fart around, right? Might as well get crunk.

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Maybe these young adults just need to be weird, trying to find a culture of their own. Weird can become revolutionary - subversiveness can become popular.

LA's a billboard on its side anyways, right?