Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, it's not for another month and a half, but I think it's about time I at least started thinking about it, right? Damn right.

Here's the list:

1) My car is in some dire fucking shape. I don't think I've changed the oil, had it serviced, or even given it a cursory glance in over six months. I want to get it repaired; she needs work on the tires, the brakes, the transmission, a new windshield, a wiper fluid refil, some interior refurbishment, and one fucking helluva carwash.

2) Digital voice recorder. I HATE having to carry around a note-pad, or paper, or a book, or whatever, and some pens, just to write down an idea that's barely one line long. On the other hand, often-times I'll have a really extensive idea that takes a lot of wandering to get around to. It'd be so much easier to take down my writing ideas with this shmigigy, and then go back later to transcribe the parts I want to actually use.

3) Yes, a typewriter. Call it the E.E. Cummings in me, but I think it'd be fun to have one for experimentation. The good old ones are kinda expensive, but oh-so worth it for their stylish antiquated exteriors. I suppose I should also include that I want the necessary gear - so I don't have to run out to the store for ink, and so on, before I even use the damn thing.

4) DVD's are significantly cheap enough for a gift that I made this one a toofer. First, the entire collection of FLCL (six episodes in groups of two). Second, the entire second season of The Boondocks. Both shows are some of the best fucking animation, period. Plus, they're really entertaining. What other reason does a man need?

5) I need another bookshelf because I really miss all the books I've left down here, and I've decided to take them all back up with me when I return to San Francisco. But my old white bookshelf can't really hold all my books. I mean, it barely holds the ones I've got in it now! Don't worry, a regular-sized one will fit easily in my car. Hell, I drove with an IKEA-bed on top of the hood and both it & me managed to survive...going fifty miles per hour and taking about twelve hours to make the trip.

So it goes.

Anyhoo, them's my birthday wishes. But you guys don't actually have to get me any of that stuff. Mostly it's just wishful thinking. I'm sure I'll probably be getting most of it for myself, myself. Meh.

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Alexandra said...

Aww that's a little had to fulfill your own birthday wish list...Did anyone get you anything you wanted?