Monday, May 5, 2008

Yep, this is what I do in my free time

Thirteen ways of looking at
A plastic bag

Among twenty broken shopping carts
the only moving sound
was the        swish of a ripped plastic bag
I had one impulse:
to buy everything in my arms        in which there were
seven plastic bags – all crushed
The plastic bag flew in Santa Ana winds
an homage to forgotten groceries
A cart and a person        are one
a cart, a person, and a plastic bag        are done
I can’t tell which is better:
the completeness of ready-made
or simplicity of heat-in-the-can?
the plastic bag        or the paper?
Food stuff filled the grey trunk        with little room left as
bulging plastic bags tumbled ‘round and ‘round
the mood: made in china
like the car, like the bags        a faraway land
O young man of Vons!
why do you imagine paper is what I need?
don’t you see how well this plastic bag        holds
the food inside that I will soon eat?
I'm of weary paper bags
with soggy sides and        frail handles
knowing that plastic bags are immune
to dampening        and the subsequent ripping
When a plastic bag is        tossed from sight
it sits in the trash
or some lonely cabinet
At the glimpse of plastic bags        wafting in the breeze
even strong cardboard boxes feel        pity and concede
I drove thru California mindlessly
soon a thought blew by
did I see        a plastic bag        following me?
The wind is blowing
the plastic bags must be dancing
It was mud-grey all afternoon
it wasn’t clear, and it wasn’t going to clear
the plastic bags sat
in dirty vagrant’s carts like
so many old hats

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Holly said...

American Beauty is amazing. Balls of Fury is NOT.