Saturday, May 3, 2008

Now this is what I call Art!

Too often nowadays when people go to look at art we get some ambiguous mess of color and shape that could've been done by two chimpanzees and a baby. I'm sorry, but you're not an "artist" if you're just splish-splashing around with paints and a brush. Art is hard to define (and yet everyone has tried) but most people agree that it isn't easy to make something that qualifies for the label.

So, if you're just laying down pigment then I suggest you wakethefuckup! Don't go hanging your scribbles in a gallery and tell me this is Art. Don't charge some ignorant shmuck three thousand dollars for it while somebody who spent years on a piece that took more skill to make than you've got in your overly-large nose has to watch and starve. We can do better than that, can't we?

Massive Black, Inc is an art house based here in San Francisco, near the SOMA area. They make some of the most realistic looking work I've ever seen for sci-fi/fantasy. Some of it has been used as concept art in everything from Iron Man to Metroid.

The stuff these guys produce is definitely what I'd call Art. It's layered, complex, and fucking amazing. Imagine having something like this hanging up on your wall:

Here are a couple more pieces that I thought were pretty fucking spiffy, too. Enjoy!

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