Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Balls. Of. Fury.

Okay, so I know a lot of people were disappointed with:

Well, too fucking bad! This was a hilarious movie and if you don't think so then you're worthless to me. (Okay, maybe I'm not THAT serious.)

I wrote a Neo-Benshi poem about a scene in the movie as one of my assignments for a poetry workshop class.

***Aside: Neo-Benshi means New Storytelling in Japanese. It's a form of art where a single person narrates an entire movie to the audience, providing insight as well as drama.***

Most of my classmates thought it was pretty fucking funny. I'll leave that up to you. Here it is!

Watching a Feminine Ass-Kicking

This scene is super-serious:
        inside a dingy, Chinatown underground
                  five-spread antagonists looking pumped up on        roid rage
Azn        with too-much musculature, man-tits pulsing
his sweat-slick hands dropped
                                                           the ball, toofast
and then they're ping-pong flailing
        whacking away at female protagonist        in stripper workout costume

she's returning every shot they've got – one handed
        answering the phone, taking down notes
and still have time to do        supersexy
      back arch        leg curves        forward leaning ass out
but the          Fabioesque hair fake        dudes work so hard
        to force her concentration      attention, attraction
(this whole scene a long metaphor for masculine ineptitude)
female protagonist shows no mercy        ends it abrupt
blowing them down with
        one little ball shot        white blur facial smack!

Nobody – and everybody – noticed
how hard she tries

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Anonymous said...


So bad that it's almost good.

No, scratch that. This movie will NEVER be good.