Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is Me at School

boredboredboredboredboredboredboredbored - bored.

maybe not so much "bored" but more like "i could be doing something much more better". i could be building a birdhouse; or curing cancer; or inventing nonfat candy bars; or improving myself in a myriad of different ways. these things matter a little less than a little though, i guess.

***note*** this blog is entirely selfish. i have no intent of giving you anything interesting to read other than the ramblings of my fingers doing they’re oh-so fast tap dance on these shitty school computer keyboards.

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where was i? oh yah, bordom. if i’m bored it’s my fault, right? right. of course it is...maybe. i’m never sure on these things, really. certainty is reserved for especially uncertain people. those of us with only a medium modicum have to settle for being slightly uncertain on and on aslong as we stay right-or-left of center.

maybe i should wax poetic, eh? maybe i should try and do a handstand? all possible activities come off trivial in the wake of many recent events (which aren’t so much events, since nothing happened, but more like intentions).

funny how time is like that, isn’t it? you could spend months waiting for a thing to come about and then when the thing comes about time decides to stretch out a bit more so that a day feels like a month and a week feels like a year. at this rate i’ll be gray-haired before i ever get to it - ’course that could be a good thing. old age tends to simmah one down, y’know?

speaking of waiting: have you ever tried to hold your breath going through a tunnel? you should. it’s bad luck not to. i think it even comes from that phrase, "don’t hold you breath". or phrase came from it. or they met at some point. in the tunnel. tangent complete!

don’t mind me if i posit a possibility. how’s about we just change the nature of time so that things come when we want them to come instead of later/earlier/whatever from how we’d like. just a thought. we could do it. time’s one big piece and all i’m suggesting is getting a bit creative with the business of parceling it out. not so bad, right? right.

so, in the spirit of speeding time up i think i’ll go take a nap in the rosa parks conference hall before my eye-bags turn black and my head drops painfull on a table corner, or something.

k33p 1t fo’ realz mah n!6613s

p.s. if you can’t read that last line then you’re just not a gamer, and so, worthless.

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